Germany: the death laboratory LPT is now history.

Four months of undercover research by the SOKO association and a short, powerful campaign, supported by the power of the images, brought a historical change.

The laboratory is now history, the authorities have withdrawn their operating license, and most of the animals were saved.

Almost 50 years of fighting were going on against LPT, it seemed hopeless to close it, and furthermore the laboratory was expanded, e.g. in primate husbandry.

Former LPT employees accuse the Hamburg-based company of falsifying studies and torturing animals.

Thanks to the “SOKO animal protection” as well as a large demonstration and increasing pressure, the laboratory is now closed!


We have often reported about this:


Perhaps we should erect a memorial in front of the Hamburg laboratory in the name of the victims, like this one in Munich in Dachau, to remind us where millions of beings have lost their lives under fascism.



A very nice contribution by the Austrian philosopher and animal ethicist, Helmut. F. Kaplan on the subject:

“Animal testing is wrong regardless of whether it is useful for humans. The legitimate question is not: “What is the maximum amount of health we can produce?” But: “How much health can we generate in an ethically acceptable way?”

The – real or perceived – usefulness of animal testing is not an ethical argument at all: there are many things that would be useful but are still immoral and prohibited, for example human testing.

The only reason why animal experiments have not been frowned upon and banned for a long time is simply because animals cannot defend themselves. They are helpless delivered to us.

But of course this is not a moral justification, just a cynical exercise of power.

Animal experiments are and remain crimes against defenseless beings” (Helmut Kaplan, Animal ethicist)

My best regards to all, Venus


2 Responses

  1. Why didn’t you show any of these saved animals? I am tired of asking you for some photos about at least one animal and you always give superficial answers. Stop doing this and tell us the truth. Answer with no lie to our questions, otherwise, I will be one of those who tells that your cause is a lie!

    • Fruma Sarah,
      Everyone can comment on how they want, we can not and do not want to prevent that. But we are not intimidated by threats either. Our clients are the animals, we run this blog for them.

      The LPT laboratory is closed.
      What happened to the animals from this death lab is very different.
      About 200 monkeys weren’t as lucky, according to Soko Animal Welfare. They were sold last year and thus returned to the animal testing industry.

      However, as you can see from the attached link dated January 31, 2020, 176 beagles could be saved and mediated.
      49 cats had already found a new home at the end of 2019.

      If your aggressive tone is based on emotional pressure, I could understand that.
      Otherwise, is not a good basis for civilized communication on our blog.

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