A friend is waiting for you…


🐶 Around 300,000 animals end up in German animal shelters every year and are urgently looking for a loving home.
We translated what they would tell us. 👇
(Video is in English)

An animal comes to German animal shelters every 65 minutes.
They are the product of human indifference.

They are either abandoned, given away, or come to the home through official animal trapping and the veterinary office.

The shelters are full, the volunteers work overtime to provide the animals with adequate care, but unfortunately more animals are accepted than mediated.

Many leave their cat or dog in the forest and hope that a merciful hiker will find and save them.
For these animals it means that they are lucky when they end up in the shelter, where most of them stay until the end of their lonely life.


In Germany the abandoneded animals are piling up.

We used to think that this only happens in southern countries, now it is exactly the same here.

The only difference is that we don’t see the abandoneded animals on the street because the shelters have more money to take them in.

Give a home to an abandoned animal.

It will be thankful and loyal to you forever, and you will have a dear friend in happy and sad moments of life.


My best regards to all, Venus


2 Responses

  1. There is currently a shortage of animals to adopt in the USA due to Covid-19. Is there any way to get these animals to us? Thanks.

    • Dear Susan,
      I do not live in the USA and therefore I am unable to give you reliable information about the animal shelters and the number of animals that can be adopted there.
      My advice: visit an animal home in your city and form your own opinion first about the people who have it.
      Then you can spend some time with the animal you want to adopt, so that you can learn something about him/she.
      That’s how I did it, and I’m still very happy with my three roommates!!

      Best regards for you

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