Duisburg Dolphinarium: the largest dolphin cemetery in Europe.


Reported by “Freedom for dolphins and whales”, May 24 at 8:58 pm public
Every Wednesday and Sunday at 8 p.m. we share the life story of a dolphin or whale with you.

Today we report on the seventh fatality in the Duisburg Zoo, Germany, a male dolphin named Flip, who could have lived much longer if the Dusiburger Zoo had properly taken care of him.

Flip’s story, Bottlenose dolphin, 5 years imprisonment, in the Duisburg Zoo, Germany.

In the middle of 1965, Flip was brutally caught with three other bottlenose dolphins in the waters off Florida for the Duisburg Zoo.

In addition to the dolphin male Flip, the other three unfortunate bottlenose dolphins, another male dolphin that was given the name Flap and two female bottlenose dolphins which were given the names Perfect and Littlebit and died shortly after being caught.

On July 11, 1965, the first four bottlenose dolphins reached the Duisburg Zoo. They were locked in the basin called a dolphin with a size of approx. 10 x 10 meters and a depth of three meters and in this basin, which could not in the least reproduce their natural habitat, they should also die.

The two females were the first victims of the Duisburg Zoo.

 Perfect died after 13 days, the death of Little Bit came on 44 days later.


For more athttps://worldanimalsvoice.com/2020/05/30/duisburg-dolphinarium-the-largest-dolphin-cemetery-in-europe/

My comment: It is criminal to keep these sophisticated animals in captivity because they are deprived of even the most basic needs: in the wild, dolphins live in groups of up to 100 animals, reach speeds of up to 50 km / h and can reach up to 500 meters Dive deep.

Also, the food in captivity, namely dead fish, is not “natural” for dolphins, because in the wild dolphins only eat live fish, and avoid the dead one.

The weakest argument of zoo supporters is that of animal conservation.

In reality, it is like this: Because stupid zoo visitors and their kids are enthusiastic about such suffering inmates and even want to enjoy stupid selfies, these innocent and completely defenseless animals have to live in loneliness, suffering, and deprivation of liberty for a lifetime.

These animals are unlucky enough to be caught by poachers as children, to be snatched away by their families, and to be sold to unscrupulous slave owners called zookeepers.

These inmates did not violate any law – and yet they were “long life” in a zoo.

Like millions of other animals, their freedom is robbed because the stupid visitors have no education and no morals, and regard captivity as a conformal way of life for “others”.

In the past, people from other ethnic groups or people with special physical characteristics were also shown in zoos and deprived of their dignity. They were particularly large or small, particularly hairy, had a different skin color – in any case, they were “different” in some way. The culture of these people was ridiculed.

It was not until 1940 that these so-called national shows were banned, which, like today’s zoos, were called “educational institutions”.

And if we haven’t understood for hundreds of years, we should finally understand NOW that animals are not our slaves, they have the right to live freely on this planet as roommates.

But the ruling species, human-beast, has taken the right to decide about them, to enslave them for its own purposes.

We have not developed.
Humans still live on the tree, in terms of morality with “other” animals.


My best regards to all, Venus


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