USA: ‘Cowschwitz’.


Tale of two farms that says it all: US megafarm locals call ‘Cowschwitz’ has 120,000 wretched cattle pumped with hormones to boost growth… while a fully organic farm in Wiltshire (England) won its owner an OBE for animal welfare


  • Harris Ranch in California is one of America’s largest ‘feedlots’, or factory farms for cows 

  • It produces a staggering 150 million pounds of beef every year 

  • Harris Ranch has long been a target for animal rights protesters and suffered an arson attack in 2012 



It is the smell that hits you first, a putrid stench seeping in through the air-conditioning vents of the car. I’m still two miles away from Harris Ranch, one of America’s largest ‘feedlots’, or factory farms for cows. I’m hurtling down the freeway at 70mph and the windows are up, yet the stink is everywhere, filling the car and permeating the 105F air outside.

When the ranch finally comes into view, the sheer size and scale of the operation is mind-boggling.

Spread over 800 dusty acres without a blade of green grass in sight, there are up to 120,000 cattle here at any one time. The animals come from ranches throughout the western states of America to be fattened up before slaughter. The locals call it ‘Cowschwitz’.

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