Animals Asia: What Does It Take to feed 338 Hungry Bears ?

Please take a look at the following video and see how the lives of these bile bears has changed since they have been recued by Animals Asia. But despite being free from the suffering of the bile industry, they still need support; as AA has 338 hungry bears to support and feed every day.

If you can give anything, then please do.

Thank you

Regards Mark


AA 2 June 2020

AA 3 June 2020


Dear Mark,

As a member of Oliver’s Army you are the lifeblood of Animals Asia. Thank you so much for being a part of this amazing community of compassionate people, united in memory of Oliver.

Every rescued bear is different. But sometimes a bear comes along who, from the very second they are rescued, understands that they are safe. That nobody will ever hurt them again.

Long (pictured), rescued in 2015 after a decade used as a bile machine, was absolutely one of these amazing bears. He immediately put his horrific past behind him, and started living.

Here is a very special video just for you, showing how you have changed Long’s life and how he has grabbed it with both paws!

Without you, joyful moments like this wouldn’t be possible. You’re helping bears like Long to start again. To live happy, fulfilled and rich lives where they try new foods, make new friends and are cared for properly at every life-stage, for as long as they live. That’s why your support means so much.

Thank you again for being part of something so special,

Jill Robinson MBE, Dr med vet hc, Hon LLD
Founder and CEO
Follow me on twitter @MoonBearJill


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