How long will we do this to the animals?!?


From Martin Balluch’s blog *, June 15, 2020

I feel sick in two ways when I have to look through these photos that have been leaked to the “Association against animal factories”.

First, because here again someone shamelessly dupes the public and pretends that everything is fine in pig farming in Austria.

Secondly, looking at these photos makes me nauseous when I see the suffering of the pigs so directly.

I will never get used to it. These poor creatures in these terrible filthy holes, hurt, desperate, forgotten.

The first glance into this pig factory is enough for the rest of your life:

Horrible tightness, horrible full-slatted floor, horrible injuries, horrible lack of employment.

What should these animals do all day long?

Except hurting each other with despair?

What, please, is that a life?

How can we do this to them?

How long has this dead pig been there?

Does nobody care?

Where do all these maggots come from? Nobody notices?

Is this all included in the calculation for input to the pig factory and output of meat, so that the most profit is generated?

Dear reader, with heart and brain, put yourself, very briefly, in one of these pigs and tell me what you feel.

Tell me how happy you are to live.

Tell me what else you expect from life. Tell me what you actually do for a long day and how you differentiate day and night.

Tell me how you can endure that and survive without completely despairing.

And in the end, brutal animal transport and death on the assembly line await you. Without compassion, without mercy.

* Dr. Dr. Martin Balluch is the founder of VGT (association against animal factories).
An excellent Austrian animal rights activist, with a lot of success for the animals in his country, especially against the gate hunting.

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And I mean…The myth of the farmer next door is a protective mechanism for the conscience of meat-eaters.
Today we know what the reality is in the animal farms, we also know about the suffering of the animals we eat.

We want to deny this reality so that we no longer have to think about how we can solve the problem “mass animal suffering”.

In general, with meat consumption, we have adopted a violent ideology that we want to justify as such with the myth of responsible meat consumption.

And that can be found today in organic meat, in regional meat, in animal welfare from farmers next door, in “humane” slaughter …

And so the meat-eaters continue to cooperate with one of the most criminal systems in human history, with the meat production system.

My best regards to all, Venus

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  1. How long are we going to do this to animals? It is clear: until the death penalty is legalized for specific people: the owners of such a company.

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