The liberation of Lion Jon

This lion was badly mistreated! The poor animal was released from a circus in France! 🦁


Usually, a lion between the ages of ten and 15 weighs around 200 to 230 kilograms, but circus lion Jon weighs just 116 kilograms.

The animal was apparently mistreated for years: he has no longer claws – which is prohibited by law- his teeth are damaged and some of them no longer available, his fur has bald spots, and his body, especially the tail, is covered with scars and fresh, sometimes very deep wounds.

This is Jon, a famous lion, who arrived in St. Martin la Ebene on Friday, June 5th.

His coat is very damaged in many zones.

He is an injured lion, he wears many injuries on the body with old and newer brands, especially on his tail, which has several living wounds, some of which are very deep.

Despite a physical condition that we have never noticed in an animal, Jon has a very gentle character, shows no signs of aggressiveness, and even seeks contact. The main goal for us right now is to give him strength again.

Our goal at the moment is to offer him correct living conditions, to provide him with appropriate and adequate food, and to treat the wounds that cause him suffering. (Video in French)


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My comment: Although the animal rights activists have long had their sights on this circus, the French authorities are not taking action! Finally, Jon and three other lions were confiscated because the license to keep the four animals was lacking.

And nevertheless! The circus was allowed to keep four more lions!!

When will we finally stop torturing animals as if they were objects?
When will we finally consider animal exploitation as a form of slavery?
One day we will look back on all the crimes we have done to the animals and we will be ashamed.

We are fighting for this day to come as soon as possible.

My best regards to all, Venus


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