USA. Californian Trophy Hunter Shoots Elephant In Head Multiple Times to Kill. Urge UPS To Stop Shipping Trophies of Dickheads.


WAV Comment – A ‘big man tosser’ of a US trophy hunter shoots an elephant in the head many times.  Watch the video to see what a complete and utter wanker this bloke is – just like ALL hunters.  So this is your way of ‘protecting’ wild animals is it ? – asshole !

A curious young elephant approaches an American trophy hunter—only to be shot in the head repeatedly and allowed to endure a prolonged, painful death.

As part of a breaking investigation, PETA has obtained footage of a Californian trophy hunter named Aaron Raby shooting an elephant in the head over and over again. The elephant falls to his knees and suffers in agony as Raby shoots him at least four more times over the next two minutes. How many shots were taken after the video stopped and how long the elephant suffered before finally dying is unknown.


American trophy hunter Aaron Raby (center) poses with the elephant he killed outside Kruger National Park.

Afterward, Raby mutilates the elephant’s corpse, cutting off his tail. He later pays tens of thousands of dollars to have the elephant’s body parts preserved for shipment to the U.S.

Aaron Raby paid $30,000 to kill this elephant, after which he cut off his tail. Raby later paid another $20,000 to have the elephant’s body parts preserved for shipment to the United States.

Every year, thousands of wild animals like this magnificent elephant are slaughtered by trophy hunters for the perverse pleasure they get out of it and so that those who make a living selling hunting trips and accessories can profit from the trade in body parts. These animals need your help now.

UPS continues to allow this cruel industry to exist by shipping trophy hunters’ gruesome souvenirs. Please watch the video and then urge UPS to stop shipping hunting trophies immediately!

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