Update 27/4/16. Live Animal Exports – Turkish Border. Sample Letter To Copy and Send.

Update 27/4/16.  Live animal exports – Turkish border.


Please refer to post:  https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/2016/04/06/england-further-update-turkish-live-exports-6416/

On 5/4/16, Mark telephoned Mr. Marco Valletta at the EU DG (Commission) for Health and Food Safety.  Mr. Valletta is directly responsible at the Commission as part of Commissioener Vyetenis Andriiukaitis’ team with responsibilities which directly include animal health and animal welfare.

Petition 2

Turkish exports petition link –



watch the video

Eyes on Animals video about the terrible conditions at the EU / Turkish border –



As you can see in the first link given above, Mr. Valletta was sent a copy of the EoA video in relation to the situation at the EU / Turkish border.  As we stated in our post of 6/4, we are waiting now to hear back from Mr. Valetta about a) his views on the evidence provided in the video, and b) what actions he is going to take to rectify the situation for the hundreds of animals which suffer at the border.

The situation is that as of today, 27/4; we have had no response whatsoever from Mr. Valletta or the EU Commission since the discussion which took place on 5/4.  Despite promises of some action, there has been nothing from the man who allegedly represents ‘animal health and welfare’ at the Commission – Mr. Valletta.

And so today (27/4) Mark has once again telephoned the EU offices of Mr. Valletta.  This time they were both unable to discuss as Mr Valletta was not around, but after explaining the situation of no response to his assistant, Mark declared his wish for a formal response on the situation from the Commission.


For non EU supporters, this is another example of just how the EU is getting out of control; dragging things on and on; getting nowhere – and (for example) where UK citizens are contributing £150 Million a week towards the EU and being in the ‘club’ – and then we never even get a response !!  Is it any wonder lots of Brits want to get out of the EU ? – the whole EU thing has now just become a complete farce.

If you wish to send a mail to Mr Valleta regarding the situation for live EU animals exported from the EU to Turkey, then here below is a sample letter to copy and send; or alternatively, modify and send.

get involved 2  Print


Dear Mr. Valletta;

Re EU live animals exported to Turkey for slaughter.

Video link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udReHkAumrY&feature=youtu.be

As the alleged person responsible for both ‘animal health’ and ‘animal welfare’ in the Health and Food Safety Commission of Vytenis Andriulaitis; I am more than surprised to learn that you have not even seen the video footage provided by ‘Eyes on Animals’ of EU animals suffering during transport to Turkey.   In other words, you have ignored the problem here of extreme bad animal health and welfare for at least the last five years since the video was first made.  As the video clearly shows, Article 13 of the Treaty of Lisbon, as well as EU Regulation 1/2005 for ‘the protection of animals during transport’, are both being clearly violated and flouted; and despite the clear evidence, still you do nothing.

This constant expose which has lasted for many years shows that you really care very little about animal health and welfare, otherwise you would have acted before now and stopped such situations as shown from taking place.

Your failures and lack of actions are doing nothing to promote the usefulness of the Commission which you represent; and especially the terms ‘animal health and welfare’.

We need action and we need it now.  Please sort out the problem or alternatively, step down from your position in the Commission and let it be taken by someone who will act – as you certainly do NOT represent good animal health and welfare.  Take action immediately to resolve this problem of live animal suffering at the EU / Turkey border; lets not have to wait another 5 years for still no EU Commission action.

I have signed the petition at


and will encourage as many people to support this until you act and represent animal welfare as your Commission title suggests you do.

You are paid a good salary at the EU to enforce the regulations in areas which you are responsible for – ie animal health and welfare – so do it !!

Yours truly,

Name and nationality.


Please send the letter to the following:

marco.valetta@ec.europa.eu,  cab-andriukaitis-webpage@ec.eu  






One Response

  1. Open letter to the answer given by Mr. Andriukaitis.

    Ridiculous, untrustworthy, simply unacceptable!
    So I find the answer to the SAV-mail, that I got of MEP Mr. Andriukaitis.
    Such an outrageous answer has the EU Commission always preprogrammed.
    In the case, that mails come and EU citizens finally ask from the MEPs to do something obvious, namely their jobs.
    If Protest letters or emails are sent to the EU Commission, the Commission feels disturbed, annoyed and finally “no responsible”.
    New but not less ridiculous is the “transparency exam” which is required and one should exist!!

    Oh! Yes Mr.Andriukaitis!

    This transparency report, had demanded the European Commission before October 2012 by the EU Health Commissioner John Dalli, when he reportedly “should have indirectly offered a deal by the Swedish tobacco company Swedish Match”!!
    It was about the “Tobacco-Gate” in which even the highest Brussels officials were involved.

    Simply and solely John Dali is to blame for the failure of the initiative for limiting the transport of animals to 8 hours.
    In June 2012!!
    The hope and the confidence of more than 1 million EU citizens, who have opted for the 8-hour limit animal transport has been abused, and that again from the EU!
    He, a Corrupt Commissioner, has prevailed against 395 EU Parliament votes.
    Why did they did not demand “transparency test” from him?
    And where today is the reparation of the European Commission for this former moral crap stand a corrupt MEP?

    All of us who do not want to see blood flow of trucks on the highways, all those who have a moral problem with the criminal animal transports in the “civilized” Europe, (which you obviously want to resort to the diplomatic way), we will all find a way and other people, we will find empathy enabled MEPs and they might even be running.

    We will not give up to fight misery and suffering in the livestock sector.
    Especially for this case, but also for the future.
    Although morality and responsibility is not in our employment contract, and we do not get 21,000 euros per month.
    But morality and work ethic cannot be paid with money obviously!
    We will not give up.


    (Hier is the mail from Mr.Andriukaitis to me).
    We acknowledge receipt of your email. If your message concerns a request for a meeting or a petition please see the information below. Important notice on Transparency: Meetings with organisations or self-employed individuals.

    I would like to draw your attention to the Commission’s new policy on transparency which entered into force on 1 December 2014. More details can be found here.
    Before we can proceed with your request for a meeting, could you please confirm whether you, or your organisation, are registered in the Transparency Register and provide your Register ID number? If you are not registered, you are kindly invited to register on this website. The meeting can only take place once we have received the confirmation of your registration.

    Please be aware that the European Commission is committed to enhanced transparency. Therefore, Commissioners and their Cabinets only meet organisations or self-employed individuals that are registered in the EU’s Transparency Register.

    Replies to petitions are published on the Transparency Portal of the European Commission.

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