Germany: 5000 pigs burned alive during a major fire in a fattening plant

Every rescue came too late for the animals: thousands of pigs were burned and suffocated in a fire in the community of Teutschenthal. The fire is now under control.

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5000 animals were burned in a fire in a pig fattening plant in Saxony-Anhalt. The fire department was in large-scale operations for several hours.

A police spokesman said on Friday that the property damage was estimated to be between four and five million euros (!!!)

*** Major fire at SMA Woestmann KG pig fattening plant Teutschenthal Saalekreis Teutschenthal 16 07 2020 Photo Holger John, Teutschenthal Saxony Anhalt- Germany


A total of three stables and a connecting building were affected by the fire.
“The pigsties themselves have largely burned down. The animals have to be assumed that they all died in the fire,” said a police spokesman for the MDR.

The fire that broke out in Teutschenthal near Halle on Thursday morning has now been extinguished. However, a fire watch is held due to individual embers, the spokesman said.

The cause of the fire was unclear for the moment.

And I mean…Around 115,000 animals per year die through stall fires in Germany alone, approx. 5000 stables burn in 1 year, which is around 14 fires a day !!!

During the Corona period, the stall fires increased.

Incredible numbers, a cruel death, and nobody gives the correct causes.

The police report usually gives the following reasons: defective electrical systems and ventilation, completely inadequate fire protection … but there are other reasons that play a role!

The farmers have great problems with the animals, the coronavirus also affects the marketing of breeding cattle, calves, and slaughter cows. Prices are falling, foreign demand is severely restricted and auctions cannot take place. Their “slaves” no longer bring the money they want.

Killing by conventional methods costs a lot, fires are cheaper because in this case, the insurance company pays and the farmers also get compensation for every being that is burned.

In this case, too, someone has rehabilitated himself at the cost of fellow creatures’ lives.
And the authorities wave it through.

The news came only in the local newspaper.
If it were 5,000 human animals, we would have National Mourning Day!


My best regards to all, Venus

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