Mexico City forbids slaughtering and selling animals on the street

August 7, 2020

On July 6th, Mexico City declared that mobile food vendors will no longer be allowed to sell or slaughter live-animals on the spot within the capitol.

Vendors who operate food pop-ups at places such as street fairs, flea markets, and other outdoor spaces will have 90 days to update their registration with the Mexican government and abide by the new law.

The new rule doesn’t apply to brick and mortar stores.



-Suspension of work from two to ninety days
-Cancellation of the vendor’s license
-Removal of the street fair/flea market representative

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR ANIMALS: The new ruling is a great step in the right direction and was implemented to address the lack of sanitation capabilities at these mobile markets, which could contribute to disease outbreaks.

Furthermore, the ban will spare many animals in Mexico City from the stress of travel, cramped conditions, and horror of being slaughtered while conscious.

WORKING TO END ALL LIVE-ANIMAL MARKETS: Animal Equality Mexico has been working with Senator Jesusa Rodriguez on a national initiative that would ban live animal markets and backyard slaughterhouses in all of Mexico.

We also have a global initiative for a ban on all wet markets that sell and kill animals.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Regardless of where they’re located, slaughterhouses and factory farms always contribute to risk in disease outbreaks. The best way to help both animals and public health is to stop contributing to these industries and go plant-based!

Also, take a moment to sign and share our petition asking the United Nations to help close all markets that sell and slaughter live animals.




And I mean…A good step.
We are waiting and hope for another step, namely the ban of sell and slaughter of live-animals in all of Mexico.
Changes of this kind are achieved with pressure on governments and politicians through organizations, petitions, demonstrations.

Society will adapt and accept what the law says.
As simple as that.

My best regards to all, Venus


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