Japan: a unique animal goes into captivity

SHIZUOKA, Japan – A rare turtle with tiny horns on both its eyelids, which was discovered in Shizuoka Prefecture last year, has gone on display at a local zoo, with curators saying it is “probably the only one in the world.”

A rare horned Chinese pond turtle is seen in this photo taken at Zoo in Kawazu, Shizuoka Prefecture, on Saturday. | KYODO


The female Chinese pond turtle is believed to be around 10 years old judging from its body size, having a 16-centimeter shell, and weighing 670 grams, said curators at Zoo, a facility showcasing reptiles and amphibians in the town of Kawazu.

The zoo used X-ray to check its horns, roughly 1 cm in length, and believe they have been formed from dead skin cells.

It was captured by a man while he was fishing in Fuji in the prefecture in the summer of 2019.

When he sent an image of the horned turtle to the zoo, “I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought it might be a composite picture,” said Tsuyoshi Shirawa, chief curator of the zoo.

The man kept the turtle at his home for a while but donated it to iZoo in July this year, believing it should be seen by many people (!!)

The zoo has mated the horned turtle with a male Chinese pond turtle to see if any horned baby turtles will be produced.

Babies are expected to hatch next spring, according to the zoo.



And I mean…Head-tied Siamese children are more likely to be born than horned turtles.
There are certainly many perverts who want to watch these beings in their everyday life, how they eat, sleep, or go to the toilet.

But nobody would ever think of showing them as exhibits in a hospital or museum.
Morality forbids it, and it is right!

However, this only applies to human animals.
Because they have rights and human animals are protected even as newborns.

We have denied animals all of their rights to this day. Animals did not even have a hint of rights, and that because we humans, from birth, act under the fascist conviction of the better race.

The turtle belongs to the open sea and not as a show object in the Japanese zoo prison.

And the Japanese won’t get any knowledge or intelligence about turtles if they come to the zoo to gawk at the new captive, a horned turtle.

They will only achieve one thing: that this animal will spend the rest of its life in captivity and suffering.

My best regards to all, Venus


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  1. Please free the dear turle.

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