Belgian slaughterhouse: Amateurs slaughter as they want

We at PETA and other animal rights organizations repeatedly show the daily horror that countless animals are exposed to in the slaughterhouse.

In June, for example, the “Animal Rights” organization published dramatic scenes from a Belgian slaughterhouse that kills up to 650,000 pigs every year.

According to animal rights activists, the pork from “Van Hoornweder” from Torhout in Belgium will also find its way into German supermarkets.

Limping pigs, drowned in the brewing bath


The organization’s video shows animals that arrive at the slaughterhouse already injured and some of which should not have been transported at all.

Limping pigs with organ and tissue incidents, deep wounds, and large abscesses as well as heavily pregnant sows pull themselves out of the transporters and are insufficiently anesthetized on-site with electric forceps.

Others suffer a death throes on the unloading docks or are driven into the waiting bays by violence.
Many animals are not adequately stunned during the killing process.

The animals are sprayed with water so that the intensity of the electric forceps is increased

Again and again, workers use the electric pliers in the wrong places to stun again (!!!), and so the pain is unspeakable for the animals. Some are burned from it.

This also means that some animals are still conscious if their throats are cut or if they soak in the hot scald bath and suffocate in it.

Injured animals are abandoned in the waiting area and have to die a painful death because no one can free them from their suffering.

Some mothers sow spontaneously carry their animals to the waiting area.



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And I mean… Veterinarians must be present at the slaughter, this also applies to Belgium!
Very rarely do they deal fairly with animal cruelty, because they do not want to lose their jobs.
Many who have filed criminal complaints at slaughterhouses for disregarding the animal welfare law are transferred to other departments or suspended.

The meat mafia is the strongest all over the world, obviously, the Belgian one has not even taught its servants how a pig must be slaughtered according to the animal welfare law.

Amateurs are at work who slaughter as they please.

40,000 EU officials are employed in the capital Brussels, and no office, no authority, no lazy official is able to deal with this illegal torture, which unqualified butchers practice unpunished in this slaughterhouse.

A shame for Brussels! an obvious and outrageous violation of the animal welfare law that saw its first days in Brussels.

Actually, one of many, as we know them in most slaughterhouses in the EU, because the EU is the strongest agricultural lobby and the best friend of the meat mafia.

My best regards to all, Venus

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