Austria: illegal “Halal” slaughter documented in video

The following video is considered a real contemporary document, as well as an undeniable confirmation that the legislature in Austria is on a totally wrong track with its current interpretation and must correct the direction IMMEDIATELY !!!

What ended up in our mailbox is incredible video evidence of a highly illegal act.

When looking at the scenes recorded on tape, we were actually close to tears – and do not even know where to start listing the illegal, highly dramatic misconduct on the part of the farm owner!

The recordings show a slaughter in the very same factory where, as part of our campaign for the Islamic Festival of Sacrifice, the slaughterhouse owner, covered in blood from head to toe, attacked us on the street with wide eyes, completely out of control; only the intervene of those present to hold back the angry man prevented a total escalation.

But what we experienced showed only too clearly which aggressive behavior is concentrated there;

But what exactly is going on in the various sequences?
You can see the butcher fixing a cattle in a shaft box.

Then he makes the throat cut.

Furthermore, a man appears (most likely the slaughterhouse owner) who apparently wants to give the captive bolt anesthetic himself; which apparently leads to a brief controversy with the man who carried out the slaughter (video 1).

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And I mean… slaughter without stunning is barbaric animal cruelty!  is not a service to God.

At the same time, we condemn without prejudice the annually thousands of “false stunning” in German slaughterhouses.

Despite decades of protests from animal rights activists and responsible citizens, these crimes continue to be practiced, even though they are unlawful under the law.

We also mistakenly anesthetize in large numbers in the slaughterhouse, and although it is not done consciously or deliberately, it has the same painful consequences as “Halal”.

We also illegally slaughter pregnant, down, injured cows, and pigs.
But we cannot forgive a crime because crimes happen everywhere.

And precisely because we have already been beaten enough by illegally established animal cruelty (illegal pig caste, animal experiments, etc.) – do we also have to allow other horrific, life-despising animal cruelty practices such as “halal”?

It is depressing, annoying, simply terrifying with what false “tolerance” or indifference this society still allows to take place today, in the 21st century, such as archaic tortures.

My best  regards to all, Venus


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