Germany: Half a circus family in custody

Since April the “Circus Belly” has been stuck in Friesoythe (a small town in Lower Saxony) because of the corona pandemic. Local residents donate and help.

But instead of pity, the long-established circus family is now getting a lot of trouble with the judiciary!
There are more problems: The circus boss, his son, and his grandson are in custody.

Accusation: commercial and gang-like theft.

At the beginning of September, family members of the circus asked for donations for their 50 animals.
At this time, the circus director, his son, and his grandson are said to have already been in custody.

They are said to have belonged to the well-organized gang that stole tons of grain worth at least 2.79 million from a grain dealer over the years.

Monkey Robby in the torture ring of the Belly Circus.


Police officers arrested 6 men between the ages of 26 and 72 in Friesoythe on the night of August 26th, apparently including members of the circus family. The investigators accuse the 6 suspects of commercial and gang-like theft of well over 10,000 tons of grain.

Value of the stolen property: at least 2.79 million euros. Since 2013, the gang is said to have repeatedly stolen grain by truck.

The damaged company had called the police after the theft on a large scale according to internal calculations.
The investigators were finally able to collect clues about the perpetrators over a period of weeks and observe their actions.

During the subsequent arrests, the officers seized 150,000 euros in cash, 3 sharp guns, and documents.

According to the police, the documents provide specific information on the quantities of grain diverted and the gang’s income.

And I mean...When I think about the massive donations from local residents in the past few weeks, I get sick of anger.
We heard that the situation was critical and that animals had to be sold.

Circus Belly director Klaus Köhler and his slave, the monkey Robby

Only now, it seems very likely that the circus could only survive through illegal acts before.
But the burning question is, why does such a company need edged firearms?

Then we come to the conclusion that circus operators are not only violent when animal rights activists demonstrate in front of their “company”. Circus operators are not only animal abusers and exploiters.

Obviously, they are thieves and gangsters too.

My best regards to all, Venus


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