Cyprus: brutal attack of hunters to activists

Cyprus: Attack on committee volunteers.

Yesterday morning two participants of the committee bird protection camp- not far from the city of Agia Napa / Cyprus– were attacked by armed poachers.
The two perpetrators had posted illegal liming rods on bushes around their hunting grounds and provided them with an electronic decoy.

When our members – a young man and a young woman – tried to sneak up to the trapping site to investigate the situation for a game warden, they surprised the hunters, who attacked without warning.

They pushed both bird conservationists to the ground, threatened to kill them, strangled the young man, and destroyed his cell phone. Before the game guards arrived, the perpetrators fled.

The brutal attack was preceded by a newspaper article launched by the Cypriot hunters, in which the committee against bird murder was vilified and xenophobic sentiment against us was stoked.

We filed a complaint against the attackers, the limes were collected. Both of our members got away with bruises and a real shock.

The picture comes from the archive – it shows the fishing method with liming rods, birds caught with them. Also in Cyprus!

According to my information…In the committee’s bird protection camp in Cyprus, committee activists are confronted with such “finds” every day.

If they find the animals early enough, they can usually free them safely. If the birds hang around for hours in the Mediterranean.

Bird hunting with liming rods and fishing nets have been banned in Cyprus since 1974.
But illegal bird trapping is big business, involving gangs that are also involved in drugs and prostitution.

“There are many indications that this is an organized crime”.
In fact, networks are now available almost for free on Internet portals. Liming rods also cost nothing.

Bird protection organizations have calculated that a hunter catches up to a hundred birds per net and night in the high season, which he can sell for four euros each. In total, the songbird trade is expected to bring in 15 million euros annually for the 3,000 Cypriot poachers.

“There’s a mafia behind it, and the police are playing along”.
Once the hunters have been reported, they can be left alone for money.

Since the mission in Cyprus began two weeks ago, the committee has already rendered 642 of the brutal limestones harmless and displaced 10 poachers.

They were able to clean the black cap in the photo with a lot of effort and patience and release it after a night in the hotel.

We bow to the activists of the “Committee Against Bird Murder”.

My best regards to all, Venus

House of Lords (UK) Votes to Ban Low Standard Imports – protecting British farming from ‘vile’ American animal welfare syandards.

House of Lords (UK) Votes to Ban Low Standard Imports – protecting British farming from ‘vile’ American animal welfare syandards.

The House of Lords voted on 22 September with a significant majority (307/212) in favour of an amendment to the Agriculture Bill that, in the event of a UK/US trade deal, would ban imports of food that would be illegal to produce in the UK such as pork dosed with the muscle-builder Ractopamine, beef injected with growth hormones and chicken washed in chlorine. The result is a significant response by the Lords that reflects both their personal values and those of the public in supporting real food and farming in the UK.

Who said what? Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb, a Green Party peer, said the amendment was essential to protect British farming against “vile” American animal welfare standards.

But opposing Tory peer, Baroness Noakes said, “The government’s policy is clear, they are committed to higher food and welfare standards […] We do not need to write into law what the government is committed to.” A suggestion as to how to hold the government accountable to these commitments in the race for a trade deal outside of the EU, was not given by the Baroness.

So What Next ?

The Agriculture Bill now returns to the House of Commons where, after previous readings, almost all Conservative MPs voted against amendments to protect our farmers by restricting low standard imports, “primarily down to the political sensitivity around trade deals and their links to Brexit”. This vote by the Lords can be overturned by the Conservatives due to their vast majority, so we must keep up the pressure by lobbying Conservative MPs.

Which is why we still need signatures to support our campaign; Say No To Trump’s Toxic Trade Deal. We are focusing on high street fast food outlets that have not yet committed to not using substandard American pork. Greggs is one of them. Please sign and share the petition asking Greggs to commit to not using cruelly-raised factory farmed US pork.

It’s All Linked

David Attenborough’s recent film Extinction; The Facts explains that new pandemic diseases are emerging because industrialised crop monocultures, animal factories and expanding cities, have encroached onto the last areas of wilderness where bacteria and viruses that are harmless to wild animals, are deadly to immuno-compromised factory farmed animals – not least the city and factory bound human species!

Pictures Speak 1,000 Words

See the pictures in our (WAV) recent post:

A seven-storey pig building at Yaji mountain

This 12-story pig factory in China with over 1,000 pigs on each floor, complete with an elevator for transporting pigs between the floors, is being touted as ‘biosecure’. Really? Or is this just the typical ‘big is beautiful and more efficient’ myth? Dr Michael Gregor explains how factory farming makes pandemics more likely.

Yangxiang’s high-rise pig buildings

Farmers are victims, forced to compete in a global market; get big or get out of farming by industrialising, is the status-quo mantra. As a result farming has become cruel, monotonous, polluting and badly paid, with massive external costs paid for in taxes, our health and mass extinction. The average age of traditional farmers in the UK is 62, and young people who want to farm cannot afford to buy or rent land or invest in machinery and livestock. A network of small scale mixed farming systems, abattoirs, processors and retail outlets would boost rural employment, keep money in the local community, be more resilient to shocks and feed more people with less transport costs and fraud. So, trade agreements should be framed to take food and farming out of the global economy, and instead facilitate the re-localisation of real farming – as advocated and voted for by our nature-friendly Lords.

Tracy Worcester, Director

Germany: a paradise for the meat mafia

The meat industry can rely on its faithful servants in politics!!

The Federal Council has decided to carry out fewer controls in meat processing plants, and slaughterhouses will also have to control significantly less in the future.

What sounds like a bad joke is unfortunately a reality.

Even so-called risk companies will have to inspect the consumer protection agencies less often than the previous regulation would like.

Companies from the sausage factory category, for example: So far, 12 mandatory inspections per year, in future only four.

For companies in which the authorities expect the highest health risk in the event of poor hygiene – the largest meat companies, for example – even 200 mandatory checks per year can now be omitted because instead of daily, are only mandatory weekly checks in the regulation

..Reason: Lack of staff!!

It’s like dismantling the speed cameras if too many cars are caught violating the speed limit – and in the end, the authorities are probably proud to say that there are now fewer speeders …


And I mean…After the corona outbreaks at the exploitative slaughterhouse company Tönnies, one would have expected that the responsible politicians would be ashamed and would pay more attention to the welfare of workers and keep an eye on the health of consumers, who have to be protected from poisoned and contaminated meat!

Instead, the slaughterhouses get even less control!!

So the operators of the so-called “meat industry” officially and mercilessly exploit everything and everyone. With the blessing of the state!

I would say to the Federal Council: Go into the slaughterhouses and stay with the animals until they are chopped up.

Stay there and feel their fear of death, see how they defecate their bladders in fear, see how they try to escape, how they are beaten up, how the “staff” laughs.

Hear their screams for help, the screams in the gas chamber, the screams in the scalding bath, the fidgeting with a slit throat and hear their last breath and watch them being dismembered, how almost finished babies are cut from their bodies!

Then you will find that you are the ones causing this misery.

And because you don’t even have the courage to commit suicide, the least you can do is to abolish these places.

My best regards to all, Venus

Two endangered Javan rhino calves spotted in Indonesian park.

Two endangered Javan rhino calves spotted in Indonesian park

21 September 2020

Two extremely rare Javan rhinoceros calves have been spotted in an Indonesian national park, boosting hopes for the future of one of the world’s most endangered mammals.

The rhino calves—a female named Helen and male called Luther—were seen with their mothers in footage taken from nearly 100 camera traps installed in Ujung Kulon national park between March and August, authorities said in a statement on Sunday.

On the westernmost tip of Java in Banten province, Ujung Kulon is the last remaining wild habitat for Javan rhinos.

After years of population decline, the arrival of the new calves brings the total number of the rare mammals to 74.

The sanctuary comprises some 5,100 hectares (12,600 acres) of lush rainforest and freshwater streams.

The Indonesian government has been surveying other areas across Java and Sumatra islands to relocate the rhinos from the danger of Mount Krakatau, an active volcano not far from the national park.

“These births bring a big hope for the continuation of the life of the critically endangered special Javan rhino,” said Wiratno, a senior official at the environment ministry.

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the criminal business of the Pharma Mafia

“The vaccine against Covid-19 is being tested on rhesus monkeys”


“The current Corona crisis shows very clearly what a big mistake it was in the past not to adequately promote animal-free, human-based research methods such as human 3D lung models and multi-organ chips” (Dr. Gaby Neumann, spokeswoman for the association “Doctors Against Animal Experiments”.

Human animals never learn from their mistakes as other, non-human animals do.

Because in contrast to animals, humans want to secure their power and profit maximization.

However, only a few belong to this category, such as B.Gates for example.

He recognized that profit maximization can be achieved much better in the pharmaceutical sector than in the military-industrial complex.

What he’s doing there is lobbying at the top level for the Pharma Mafia, which for us, the human guinea pig, means being vaccinated, chipped, and allowed to live under total control in the future.

As for the laboratory animals, the cruel tests continue even though they do not get corona.

This is how the criminal logic of capitalism works.
And you can’t stop its devastating inventiveness

Whoever has the money has the power


My best regards to all, Venus