The power of collective resistance

A study concludes that pressure on networks led to the prohibition of Toro de la Vega.

Eduardo Galeano once said, “Many small people, in small places, by doing small things, can change the world.”

The activists created against this barbarian fiesta in Tordesillas (Valladolid)  an emotional stigma for the followers of this celebration, constructing them as psychopaths, sadists, or beasts.

And won! After many years of fighting, they won!

It is said that the press is the fourth power.

Perhaps everyone who fights against the lies of the press, the animal rights activists, the protesters, the defenders of animals, is the fifth power.

All these forces have abolished el Toro de la Vega!

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France: a “hunting nation” changes its hunting policy

France takes turtledove under protection!

Paris seems to be turning its hunting policy 180 degrees: After the use of limed rods for catching birds was banned only two weeks ago, the Supreme Administrative Court has now completely stopped lovebird hunting.

The migratory bird has seen a dramatic decline in populations in recent decades – not least because of the completely unrestrained hunting in France and Italy.

In recent years, the Committee against Bird Murder and its partners have used campaigns and actions to draw attention to the dramatic situation with the turtledove in particular – we only submitted a complaint against France to the EU Commission this spring.

Brussels has finally taken the reins and is putting considerable pressure on the countries where endangered bird species are still allowed to be shot en masse.

This success cannot be rated highly enough, because France has so far been one of the great “hunting nations” that have blocked any progress in protecting migratory birds.

We now expect similar restrictions as with the turtle dove for species such as the curlew and the skylark.


And I mean...A great success! France impressed us with its revolutionary spirit this year!

You made it! May other countries follow your example
Germany, for example!

above: France

below: Germany


My best regards to all, Venus


England: Bloodsports exempt from ‘rule of six’ coronavirus laws that apply to everyone else – suprised ?

Tory government = pro hunt = allow them to do as they wish = crap government.


Bloodsports exempt from ‘rule of six’ coronavirus laws

Shooting and hunting groups have been exempted from the UK Government’s new ‘rule of six’ coronavirus laws.

The government has made it illegal to “mingle” under the new law enabling the enforcement of the rule in England, which came into force on Monday. But regulations published on Sunday include a number of exemptions, which including shooting and hunting, with both listed under the physical activities people can continue with in groups of more than six.

A statement on the British Association for Shooting and Conservation says: “Shooting has been added to a list of sports that are exempt from the latest COVID-19 restrictions in England. The ‘rule of six’ restrictions brought in today in England could have disrupted game shooting which usually includes eight or more people.

However, the exemption will allow shooting to operate under COVID-safe guidance.”

Ian Bell, BASC’s chief executive, said the decision to allow shooting to continue was “the right one”. “Like other team sports, shooting is able to operate under social distancing guidance, and its benefits to the rural economy and well-being makes its inclusion significant,” he said.

A Cabinet Office COVID-19 Operations ministerial committee scheduled a meeting on Saturday with an agenda item titled: “Exemption: hunting and shooting”, according to the Huffington Post. The meeting was cancelled just hours beforehand and insiders told the publication that the meeting was axed to avoid ministers raising objections.

Former minister Tracey Crouch told the Huffington Post: “Many will find this topsy-turvy prioritisation from government. I’ve had queries about choirs, community bands, addiction therapy groups, all of whom would be worthy of an exemption and instead we are scrabbling around prioritising shooting animals. It’s bonkers.”

Austria: corrupt ministers and suffering pigs

Lower Austria, 2020: Pig farming with fully slatted floors – AMA certified and self-marketing (The AMA seal of approval can be used to mark foods that exceed the legal requirements in terms of quality and whose origin is clearly traceable).

But behind the scenes there are sick piglets in the aisle, injured pigs are not treated. Dirt and boredom …


Fully slatted floors are popular in Austria’s agriculture: Concrete slabs with crevices ensure that urine and feces drain off and save farmers so much work (!!!)

60 percent of all Austrian pigs never sleep on straw, but on concrete for their entire life. And that although over 80 percent of Austrians are against this practice. Because life on hard concrete not only causes animal suffering but also diseases in pig farming.

A piglet that was put to death in the corridor between the boxes.

If you ask the Austrian Agriculture Minister Köstinger about keeping pigs on so-called fully slatted floors, she refers to the role of consumers.

She puts the responsibility on the consumer.

They are not prepared to spend more money on meat from animal welfare. The consequence would be that domestic companies no longer meet the demand in the country, instead, they are imported cheaply from abroad.

But how are meat buyers supposed to know how animals live when there is even animal suffering behind the AMA seal – as the Association against Animal Factories (VgT) recently demonstrated?

Only organic farming excludes fully slatted floors.

In 2019, not even 75,000 of the 2.7 million pigs were kept on organic farms – that is just 2.8 percent of all fattening pigs.

One solution to this misery would be the complete ban on fully slatted floors, as animal rights activists have been calling for for years.

A request to this effect was rejected by the government. Only the list “Now” (Jetzt) and the SPÖ (social democratic party of Austria) agreed.

So far nothing has changed in the matter.

Pigs that live on full slits are more likely to have injuries and ulcers.

Pigs smeared with excrement, weak animals lying on the ground, and trampling over each other, pigs attacking each other, open wounds, and fist-sized ulcers.


For more…at


Image VgT: “Is it really too much if we give animals at least the simplest livelihoods such as some straw?”

…asks the association.

And I mean…Yes! when it`s about corrupt politicians, it is too much.

The Agriculture Minister Köstinger has absolutely no qualifications for this post, she has climbed with connections at this function
If she wants to stay there, she has to do what her country’s meat industry orders.

Therefore, she not only allows these miserable conditions but secures them legally.

She doesn’t give a shit if 50,000 citizens of her country have signed up against this misery.

She knows (and interests) so much about democratic processes as she does about animal welfare.

Don’t forget: She is not elected by the people anyway, but by the Federal Chancellor, who protects her.

The belief that we are ruled by thieves, cheaters, and animal haters grows every day more and more…

My best regards to all, Venus