First think, then ask!

We hear that so often:
“Why don’t you take care of the poor, starving children in the developing world before you worry about the ‘cattle’?”

In short:
Especially the people who do not do anything for others, neither for the animals nor for the people, tend to accuse others of forgetting the people in need because of all their commitment to the animals!

Around 690 MILLION people worldwide are currently suffering from hunger! Source:…/un-report…/221914

Every 10 seconds a child dies of hunger!
Whoever does not consume meat and other animal products such as milk, eggs … is doing something against world hunger.

Why is that?

Example: To ‘produce’ 1 kg of beef, 16 kg of grain and soy are fed to animals.
Giant amounts of grain and soy are necessary to fatten these animals.
Instead of using it to feed the hungry of this world, we take the food from them to feed tortured animals.

If this grain were directly available for human nutrition, the WORLD HUNGER PROBLEM would be solved!

Up to 7 kilograms of feed and 15,300 liters of water are required to “produce” just 1 kilogram of beef. Including drinking water for the animals and water for cleaning the stables, this results in an unbelievable sum of 15,500 liters of water for just 1 kilogram of beef!

The tragic thing is: 2.1 billion people have no access to clean and available drinking water.

So … eating meat is a crime, for humanity and for animals.
But the carnivores allow it.

Just because the eyes of the starving children cannot be seen on the packaged meat in the supermarket.

My best regards to all, Venus

Nestlé, the water mafia

The authorities have allowed one million cubic meters per year!!!

Nestlé pumps this amount of water out of the ground in Vittel every year – and slowly but surely dries up the small community in eastern France.

The groundwater level cannot regenerate and drops dramatically by 30 centimeters every year. Once it was 10 meters higher than it is today.

The villagers are running out of drinking water.

At the public fountain they are allowed to fill “a maximum of 6 bottles per day”, and in summer the water is even brought into the village by tanker.

Now a 12-kilometer pipeline is planned – for up to 50 million euros in tax money.

Nestlé fills the groundwater in bottles and earns hundreds of millions of euros with it.

The trade-in water is far more than a local problem: A large part of the mineral water is filled in plastic bottles, the production of which devours resources, which of course also applies to returnable bottles.

The bottles are then brought to the customer over long distances.
From Vittel to Sassnitz: 1,141 kilometers, from Vittel to Berchtesgaden: 701 kilometers.
The dimensions are more extreme in Canada, for example.
It is 3,147 kilometers from Nestlé’s Aberfoyle filling station to St. John’s.
Other popular types of water are still transported further.

So water from the Fijis itself can be had in Berlin!!!

But the residents do not give up without a fight: Vittel’s residents have come together as “Collectif Eau 88” to stand up to the large corporation. And you asked the “SumOfUs” community for help in their fight against Nestlé.

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And I mean…Nestlé has bought water rights around the world, even in very arid regions. Nestlé Waters invests in Nigeria and Ethiopia.

So Nestlé robs these people of their livelihoods, not only in their daily business but also when there is far too little available anyway.
The Swiss group generates more than seven billion euros in sales annually in the water business.

The principle is very simple: They sell bottled table water. That’s tap water in plastic bottles.

This is pumped out directly from the groundwater.

To sell water, you have to own it first.
In large parts of the USA, for example, the most important sales market for Nestlé’s water division, the “right of the most powerful pump” applies: Anyone who owns or has leased land can pump as much water as he wants on his property – regardless of his neighbors.

If a country wants loans from the World Bank, one of the conditions is water privatization.

Bolivia, for example, known for the “water war”, had to experience that one of the conditions for new loans from the World Bank was the privatization of water.

They are structures that one would only expect from the mafia.

We used to think that the falling groundwater level was only a sad reality in Pakistan, today it is in Vitel and tomorrow could soon also threaten Germany if Nestlé succeeds putting its plans for the European market into practice.

In fact, Nestlé should already have been tried in the International Court of Justice in Den Haag.

My best regards to all, Venus


USA: Chickens So Calcium Deficient They Lay Eggs Without Shells !!

A Mercy For Animals investigator went undercover at a U.S. egg factory and found live hens kept in tiny cages with decomposing birds, animals with open wounds, and chickens so calcium deficient they laid eggs without shells.

The investigator describes appalling conditions in dark, windowless sheds, which can be as long as a football field. Here, hundreds of thousands of chickens are forced to live for more than a year—nearly the entirety of their short lives. They are kept in cages so small that they cannot even spread their wings or move without stepping on other birds. In the United States, the vast majority of egg-laying hens are kept in tiny cages just like the ones in this video.

Hens like these have been bred to lay far more eggs than their wild ancestors ever would, laying one egg nearly every day. In fact, the average commercial egg-laying chicken in the United States lays 294 eggs a year, while their direct ancestors, the red junglefowl, lays just 10 to 15 a year.

Laying so many eggs depletes the hens’ bodies of calcium, needed to form eggshells. As a result, their bones often become brittle, and some birds have so little calcium left in their bodies they lay eggs without shells. The investigator said, “I witnessed many hens with broken bones or open wounds but saw none of them receive individual veterinary care.”

Many chickens do not survive the horrific conditions. Those who die are left to rot in the tiny cages, and live hens are forced to stand on or against the decomposing bodies.

At the end of their short lives, the birds are violently removed from their cages, carried upside down by their legs, and stuffed into cages for transport to slaughter. Chickens are sensitive, complex individuals capable of empathizing with their peers and creating strong friendships. Despite this, hens in factory farms are treated like unfeeling objects.

In addition to extreme neglect, disease prevention in the egg factory was not taken seriously. One of the most basic biosecurity measures in agriculture is to step through a tray of disinfectant before entering a building with live animals, yet the investigator “observed workers routinely bypassing the disinfectant tray.”

To make matters worse, the U.S. government recently announced it would stop requiring full-time government inspectors in plants that process egg products, meaning inspectors will visit a plant only once per shift. This decrease in oversight could pose serious risks to food safety.

We can all make a difference in the lives of chickens by eating more plant-based foods. Check out these 10 delicious egg-less egg recipes to get started, and download our FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide for more tips and tricks.

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England: Covid-farm-animals-and-pandemics-diseases-that-changed-the-world.

As always; the ‘Guardian’ (UK national press) produces some superb articles about animals and environmental issues.

The only way we can really reproduce the article on farm animal pandemics is to provide the link and then to let you click and read for yourself.

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Article Link:

USA: Petition – Dickhead, Dreadhead Cowboy.

WAV Comment:  Think he should be called the ‘Dickhead Cowboy’; as that is what he is.  Please sign and support the petition.

Petition Link:

Adam Hollingsworth, Chicago’s so-called “Dreadhead Cowboy,” used a 20-year-old horse as a prop while staging a protest on the Dan Ryan Expressway during rush hour. The stunt, which went on for seven miles, left the senior horse so exhausted that she collapsed. Hollingsworth is facing felony animal cruelty charges because his horse, NuNu, was injured badly enough during the incident that it was initially believed that she would have to be euthanized.

This stunt is unacceptable and Hollingsworth needs to pay for the pain and suffering that he inflicted on this horse! Please sign this petition asking for Adam Hollingsworth to receive the maximum sentence for his felony aggravated animal cruelty charge!


Adam Hollingsworth chose to ride the 20-year-old horse, without oroper shoes, for seven agonizing miles on the expressway. By the time the publicity stunt was over, NuNu had collapsed on the pavement in utter exhaustion. Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Kevin Deboni described the horse’s condition in a Fox 32 News piece, stating that she was, “overheated, dehydrated, bleeding from the hooves, and with eyes so dilated they resembled ‘cartoon eyes.'”

Cook County prosecutors equated what Hollingsworth did to NuNu to forcing an 80-year-old woman run a full marathon.

Hollingsworth could have chosen a humane way to protest. He could have walked the Expressway on his own feet, but instead, he put an ill-fitting saddle on an old horse who wasn’t fitted with proper shoes. Witnesses have stated that he whipped NuNu when she was too tired to go on, and he continued riding her until she fell to the ground in utter exhaustion.

Animal Care workers initially believed that the ailing horse would not survive, but she is still alive and has been moved to an Illinois horse farm where she is recovering from the incident. Though she is reported to be out of critical condition, it has been stated that she was injured badly enough that she can never be ridden again.

Hollingsworth’s behaviour is unacceptable. Please sign the petition asking for maximum punishment for the felony aggravated animal cruelty charge, and an order for Hollingsworth to be prohibited from owning horses!


ABC 7 Chicago

Fox 32 Chicago


USA: Saving Life On Earth Webinar. Details and Sign Up Here.

  Hi Mark,

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s misleadingly named Wildlife Services program kills more than a million wild animals every year, typically at the request of Big Ag. Scattering public lands with cruel traps and indiscriminate poisons, the program targets carnivores like coyotes, bears, beavers, otters and foxes. Even rare species like grizzlies and wolves are caught in the crosshairs.

We’ve been working for years to shine a light on the feds’ wildlife-killing and have succeeded in gaining protections for wildlife in several states.

Join me on Thursday, Oct. 1, for the Center’s next Saving Life on Earth webinar to learn more about this work, as well as our other efforts to protect carnivores.

The presentation will feature our Carnivore Conservation Director Collette Adkins and Andrea Zaccardi, a senior attorney in our Northern Rockies office. In addition to talking about Wildlife Services, we’ll discuss the latest news on grizzly bears and wolves, including the expected loss of wolf protections nationally and the importance of state-level wolf work if that does occur.

The hour-long webinar starts at 4 p.m. PT / 7 p.m. ET.

Register here and check your email for the link to join.
  Brytnee Laurette
Saving Life on Earth Campaigner
Center for Biological Diversity