Solidarity with Malabo

A male gorilla attacked and seriously injured a zookeeper at Madrid Zoo.

The 46-year-old suffered head trauma on Sunday, open fractures in both arms and various injuries to the torso said the zoo in the Spanish capital.

The experienced employee is being treated in the hospital and her health is serious.

We expect Malabo’s immediate release.
It was a human error indeed, the arrest of the innocent Malabo 29 years ago and his life imprisonment.
This mistake needs to be corrected.
The only innocent man is Malabo, the prisoner of the Madrid Zoo.
We show solidarity with him

Regards and good night, Venus

Switzerland says “no” to the hunting law – we say thank you!

Wolf protection in Switzerland is not being relaxed. The electorate rejected the revision of the hunting law with 51.9 percent.

A new hunting law should have come in Switzerland that puts the wolf and the ibex on the list of huntable animals and enables wolves to be shot, even if the wolf has not caused any damage (i.e. tearing livestock).

There was a referendum on September 27th. And the majority of 51.9% of the Swiss have rejected this hunting law. Great!

All in all, the arguments of Left-Green and the animal and environmental associations, which had launched the referendum against the bill, were more convincing in the voting campaign.

There was always talk of a “shooting law for the wolf”, of “a failed law that harasses wild animals”.

Above all, it was the newly permitted preventive killing of individual wolves as well as the intended legitimate regulation of packs of wolves that heated the minds of the opponents.

It is a contradiction to kill a protected animal without it having caused any damage, was the tenor. The revised hunting law makes it possible to shoot “in advance”!!

The opponents did not only see the wolf endangered in the new hunting law but also other protected animal species.

In the voting campaign, it was almost forgotten that the regulatory rules should apply not only to the wolf but also to the ibex.

Environmentalists warned that the beaver or the lynx could soon be on this hit list.

Reference was made to an article of the law that states that the Federal Council can declare other protected animal species to be regulated without the consent of parliament or a referendum.

Conclusion: “What the revision actually entails is less species protection.”

The old law is now the new !!!

With the “NO” to the revised Hunting Act, the 1986 law remains in force.

Even before the vote, the opponents announced that after the rejection, work on a new bill would soon begin in order to have a law that would actually do justice to species protection.


And I mean…Cantonal representatives from Valais have made it clear that wolves do not belong in Valais.

We have seen how this is practiced there with the lynx. The canton tolerates poachers and even has poachers as rangers.

We had already reported about this:

The pressure against these species is great, the lobbies are ready.

In addition, I feel that the farmers’ concern for the sheep is hypocritical. Thousands of sheep die every year from disease, lightning strikes, falling rocks, falls, etc.

No owner sleeps badly because of this. It doesn’t matter at all, it’s already calculated.

Every sheep that is killed is remunerated by the federal government and the canton.

Then again and again sheep are forgotten and starve to death in the snow.
All of this from the allegedly so “concerned sheep owners”.
The sheep are only there to collect subsidies.

All facts speak against the law, the Swiss got it and fought against the wolf hysteria with their voice.


Thank you!

My best regards to all, Venus