suddenly you realize that you are in the middle of an indescribable crime,
and you are horrified that almost everyone around you wants to hold on to their complicity.

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Bulgaria: Animal markets like from the previous century

Report of the organization against animal transports Animals ` Angels

Animals ‘Angels are in Bulgaria at the weekly markets in Haskovo and Raskovski.

In addition to all sorts of things, cattle, horses and donkeys, sheep, goats, rabbits, and poultry are sold here.

Image: Animals`Angels

We have already complained several times to the Bulgarian authorities about the way the animals are treated, housed, and transported here – and about their poor state of health.

The ministry then presented us with a comprehensive plan to improve the situation in the markets. We now want to review the implementation of this plan – and we will be bitterly disappointed.

Nothing has improved for the animals.

Once again, the Bulgarian official veterinarians have made empty promises.

Image: Animals`Angels

Calves are sold from the trunk of a car with their legs tied together. Emaciated sheep with respiratory problems are hoisted onto closed delivery vans without lights or ventilation.

Nervous foals are tied to vehicles and dealers beat horses and cattle who do not know how to get on vehicles without ramps.

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My comment: “…Most of the trade takes place illegally in front of the marketplace, where the animals are traded directly from the cars. The handling of the sheep that are traded directly in front of the market entrance is particularly bad. They are tied by three legs, the fourth is used for pulling and carrying” (Eyes on Animals)

There are still around ten markets in Bulgaria where animals are offered for sale every week.
Cattle, sheep, goats, Equidae, rabbits, and birds are sold here.
Young pigs and piglets are also offered in illegal markets.

The conditions in the animal markets in Bulgaria do not in the least correspond to the requirements of the EU (No. 1/2005) and are reminiscent of relics of the past century.

Animal welfare does not play a role here.

But we still point the finger at China …

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Good news! Badger Cull website hacked!

Read at the “animal liberation press office”


When we first read about the Carcase Management System (CMS) website back in February after a leak from the NFU, we knew the secrets it held would be priceless to the anti-cull movement.

All of the cage trappers, free shooters, and assorted badger cull helpers all log, all of their badger killing information onto a single website.

Locations searched for badger setts are logged, like kill, who did the killing, what time… etc, etc.

Thanks to some obvious clues in metadata it was only minutes before we discovered the URL:

Since that discovery back in February we have been gaining regular access to the site, pushing deeper and further into huge piles of data including crime reports, shooters identities, locations of kills, and email addresses of those involved.

On Tuesday, the NFU IT people finally spotted us and have since made some minor adjustments to try and protect the site.

But unfortunately for them, it is too little, too late, we are in the system and will continue to edit and scrape data, we were also changing records (including crime reports) as they come in.

This year’s data on kills sent to Natural England will be based on our false reports, making the continuation of the cull completely pointless.


And I mean...Good to know who our neighbor is.
What does he do when he’s not in church or caring for his children in the playground.

And good to know that killing defenseless animals alone is not enough to satisfy one’s cravings for violence and death.

He wants to make it known, he is reward-controlled, the accomplices should know how many corpses he can deliver per day.
A pastime for psychopaths.

These people are among us.
They are military officials, veterinarians, gynecologists, dentists, or lead scout groups.

A number of factors such as genes, family relationships, upbringing, intelligence, and opportunities shape these psychopaths.

Many thanks to the hackers ❤️!

My best regards to all, Venus