What a pleasure to know a story like this!


Joao, the world’s oldest chimpanzee, group 2’s elder, and former alpha and still going strong.

Born between 1943 – 1948, starting his journey in Mozambique as a circus act, only to be given to a local zoo in Maputo with his companion when they were still young. Sadly, Joao’s companion passed away 😔

Soon after war broke out and subsequently Joao ended up living in isolation for many years.

Kind locals fed Joao before he eventually arrived at the sanctuary in 2006 🌳

Joao is a kind, wise old man and has lived one heck of a life. Now between 72 – 77 years old, Joao lives the rest of his days in peace with a loving family.

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Swiss: Poaching of gamekeepers in Valais!

The Valais is a canton in the southwest of Switzerland.
In terms of area, the Valais is the third largest canton in Switzerland and lies entirely within the Alps.

There are practically no lynxes in the south of Valais. Although the living conditions are ideal, last year not a single animal fell into one of the more than 130 photo traps set up by the Kora Foundation.

The suspicion: poachers kill the protected animals as soon as they enter the mountain canton. Five years ago, researchers at the University of Bern discovered a total of 17 snare traps that had been set up on the border with Vaud.

Three Valais rangers are accused of illegally hunting lynxes and wolves.

This puts the cantonal authorities in a dubious light shortly before the vote on the new hunting law in Switzerland.

Even then, the researchers were wondering whether the Valais authorities are adequately combating poaching – or whether the canton is even holding its protective hand over the poachers.

This now seems to be confirmed: BLICK Magazin has spoken to several witnesses who report exactly that.
According to their report, the problem is far more serious.

They claim: several game rangers – state employeeshave illegally hunted lynxes and wolves themselves!

A total of five people were willing to give BLICK Magazin information personally. They accuse an active and two former Wallis rangers of poaching.

In particular, game warden Pierre D. *, who is still on duty, is not a blank slate.

Several criminal proceedings are currently ongoing against the Valaisan. He is accused of having two eagles imprisoned at his home and illegally shooting a deer in a no-hunting area while on a trophy hunt.

Now the air is getting even thinner for Pierre D.
BLICK has a photo in which he is holding a dead lynx in his hands – and grinning broadly into the camera.

The authorities assume that the lynx got caught in a fence in an attack on sheep and was killed in the process. The gamekeeper does not seem to be saddened by the animal’s death.

“A good lynx is a dead lynx” – this motto is said to have prevailed for a long time in the cantonal office for hunting, fishing, and wild animals.

Game rangers are usually responsible for protecting wild animals.

They count the stocks and shoot sick and injured animals. Also protected, but only after an official decision of the canton in accordance with the Hunting Act Ordinance.


For more…at https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2020/09/19/swiss-poaching-gamekeepers-in-valais/


And I mean…Switzerland also has to learn: it is not enough to have one of the best animal protection laws in the world.

You have to control its executors.
Now the hunting mafia accused the eyewitnesses !!!

We live in a world where it is considered a greater crime to reveal crimes against animals than to commit them.
Which explains, why hunters mostly go unpunished in their long, criminal lives, and the animal rights activists or simple animal lovers get a criminal complaint as soon as they get in hunter`s way.

If this is confirmed, the authority must be dissolved, the hunting licenses including weapons withdrawn, and the whole thing rebuilt.

It’s like the customs authorities are building a drug ring themselves.

It is best to use gamekeepers only outside the canton for a few years or to refrain from hunting completely because the large carnivores would not attack any herds if humans did not hunt their food and it was in abundance …

If we abolish the hobby hunt, we would have no problems with wolf and lynx in Switzerland and all over the world.

Therefore on September 27th: Switzerland says NO to the new shooting law!

My best regards to all, Venus

«Ein guter Luchs ist ein toter Luchs» – Diese Devise soll lange Zeit in der kantonalen Dienststelle für Jagd, Fischerei und Wildtiere geherrscht haben.