The Typhoon Maysak ensures justice

The ship was hired by Australasian Global Exports, based in Australia, to transport the cattle.
“Our thoughts and prayers also go with the ship’s officers, crew and other employees and their families,” said Australasian Global Exports.

Here one speaks of a tragedy and one means the 43 human persons of the occupation.

Now, after this accident, New Zealand’s Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) has announced that New Zealand will TEMPORARILY stop live cattle transports.

He’s got a problem because it’s about human victims.

If the occupation had saved themselves, neither the minister nor the press would speak of a tragedy.
As was the case with similar tragedies in the past.

We remember the ship accident with “Queen Hind”- cattle truck in Midia, with the 14,000 sheep in autumn 2019.
The same transports,  over the same wrecks, are still going on, despite our protests, because: All crew members – 22 Syrian nationals – were rescued at that time!!
We notice again whose life counts.

We mourn for the animal victims of the Gulf Livestock 1.
Our sad thoughts are with the drowned animals.

There were several pregnant mothers on board who, according to the law, never had to be transported.
Soon these mothers would have a small family too, perhaps on the floating coffin of the Gulf Livestock 1, if they had to bring their babies on board in those 17 days under appalling conditions

Usually, in such cases, self the crew rescues first, but this time the Typhoon “Maysak” kept justice on board!

We are firmly convinced that if in the future a “Maysak” will more and more often decide the fate of people and animals in animal transports, animal transports will soon be abolished.

We will continue to fight the floating and moving coffins, now more than ever, and we believe that we will soon be able to do it.

My best regards to all, Venus


MV Gulf Livestock 1.

To world coconut day we say: NO coconut milk today!

🥥 On this day the world celebrates one of the most healthy food, and everyone is talking about the miracle cure “Coconut Milk”…

…but we are talking about the pig monkeys, the slaves who provide your healthy milk under agonizing conditions and until the end of their life.

The monkeys are chained with metal collars before and after the coconuts are harvested and kept in isolated cages.
We remind again that this healthy food comes from illegal animal slavery predominantly in Thailand, where the pig monkey business flourishes.

The monkeys are trained to harvest as many coconuts as possible. They are supposed to harvest up to 1,000 coconuts per day.

The monkeys are chained with metal collars before and after the coconuts are harvested and kept in isolated cages.
Monkeys who fight back will have their fangs torn out.

Accordingly, many animals lose their minds and hurt themselves.

Two months ago we had reported it with video, (, but especially after the new undercover video from PETA, which shows the criminal methods of the monkey owners in “training”, we would say to Coconut day:

Stay away from coconut milk!

If you are not absolutely sure that milk will be made without tortured monkeys, then the solution is:

No coconut milk, neither today nor tomorrow.
We have the power to harm the slaveholding industry.

Boycott helps!

My best regards to all, Venus