Wiesel, the likable robbers

they are the smallest predators in the world and excellent mouse hunters.

They kill their prey with a single bite on the neck.

A weasel, therefore, has a significant effect on the mouse population in an area. Females are particularly effective when they raise their usually six to nine young.
Such a family can eat up to 800 mice a year!

The mouse weasel, which is 20 centimeters long on average, is on the Red List of Endangered Species.

They used to be kept on farms as mouse hunters. Today they still serve as fur suppliers because of their white winter fur.

We have to do something for these animals.

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U.K Government Told: ‘Stop Ignoring Link Between Animal Farming And Climate Crisis’.



animal rebellion london


U.K Government Told: ‘Stop Ignoring Link Between Animal Farming And Climate Crisis’

‘They must acknowledge that we can only avoid climate catastrophe by way of a full transition to a plant-based food system’


SEP 1, 2020

The U.K government is facing calls to stop ignoring the link between animal farming and the climate crisis.

Animal Rebellion – an offshoot organization of environmental advocacy group Extinction Rebellion which is calling for a plant-based food system – has launched a 10-day rebellion against the U.K government as MPs return to Parliament.

The group has vowed to carry out ‘creative and inspiring actions across London and the U.K’ in a bid to persuade politicians to meet three key demands: to ‘tell the truth’ about animal farming and fishing being a leading cause of climate catastrophe; to ‘act now’ by leading a transition to a just and sustainable plant-based food system; to create and be led by the decisions of a Citizen’s Assembly on climate and ecological justice.

animal rebellion 2

‘A plant-based food system’

“Those in power can no longer ignore the link between animal farming and the climate emergency,” Kieran Blyth, a spokesperson for Animal Rebellion, said.

“They must acknowledge that we can only avoid climate catastrophe by way of a full transition to a plant-based food system.”

‘Any sort of future’

Celina Madigan, a member of Animal Rebellion and former primary school teacher, added: “I loved my job and being able to transfer knowledge to the younger generation, but my students will not have a future unless we make changes now.

“We need a transition to a just and sustainable plant-based food system if we, and the next generation, are to have any sort of future on this planet.”

‘The science is clear’

Kerri Waters, a researcher at Animal Rebellion, said: “Animal agriculture is responsible for up to 18 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions – more than the whole transportation sector combined – and up to 83 percent of global farmlands.

“The most comprehensive research project on the environmental impact of farming and food distribution, published by Joseph Poore in 2018, concluded that a plant-based food system could reduce global farmlands by 75 percent.”

Harley McDonald-Eckersall, a spokesperson for Animal Rebellion, concluded: “The science is clear, yet those in power still refuse to act. That is why we will be going straight to the top and bringing the animal and climate emergency to the halls of power.”


animal rebellion 1


Spain, Salamanca: an unscrupulous show

We, AnimaNaturalis were in Salamanca with CAS International and witnessed the martyrdom of the little ox in the hands of would-like-to be bullfighters.

Nobody around us was complying with the security standards that were set to prevent the spread of COVID19.

Not only was it an unscrupulous show, but one that threatened public health.
We filed a complaint about these events.

The complaint demands that those responsible and organizers be punished according to the seriousness of the facts.

“The capacity of 50% was exceeded, the interpersonal distance of 1.5 meters was not respected and adequate protection measures were not used at all times.

At the same time, the regulations that regulate prevention measures for bullfighting professionals were also breached”, Gascón mentions. Allowing this type of show is not only cruel to animals but an attack on public health. “

AnimaNaturalis and CAS International have requested that the organizers and promoters of these events be penalized for having deliberately risked the health of the spectators and of all the people who have been in contact with them in the following days.

We would have loved to take these people to court for the pain and suffering of animals, but we are ashamed that this is still completely legal.

But we will not stand idly by.


And I mean…Haven’t the Spanish had more than enough death and pain in the last few months?

Not a single bull was massacred in the arenas for four months. The coronavirus paralyzed the industry.
We thought that would mean the end of the bullfight.

But the bull mafia is able to survive and upholds a “tradition” that has been evidently invented by Jitanos and during the course of the darkest time on humanity, namely the time of the Inquisition.

At least Corona has done it, and Spain’s most famous bull hunt “San Fermin” fails! for the first time since the Spanish Civil War.

Bullfighting is already heavily subsidized by the Spanish state.

The Italian animal welfare organization LAV even accuses the industry of illegally collecting money from the European Union.
This is the result of a new study by LAV Vice President Roberto Bennati.

It is about 130 million euros annually from an EU fund that is intended for the production of “high-quality meat”.

“The industry says they breed animals for meat production. In reality, they breed them for bullfighting. This is where the law is being abused.

The rules of the European Union are deceived in a fraudulent way, “ he says.

Words of a murderer: “We demand justice for the bullfighting industry,” said matador Pablo Aguado.
“It should be treated in exactly the same way as all other cultural areas. This is the most important cultural festival in Spain and we want it to be treated that way”.

And we are of the opinion that animal abusers and animal killers must be punished much more severely than just losing their jobs.

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Note – WAV underline on this article.

Today, we submitted feedback to the EU’s food marketing campaign, currently under review. We call on the EU to use taxpayers’ money wisely and promote plant-rich diets in order to reduce animal suffering, improve our health and save our planet.

Every year, the EU Commission gives away around €200 million of public funds to promote agricultural products in order to enhance the competitiveness of EU agriculture. Instead of tackling our over-consumption of animal products by promoting plant-based products only, the EU gives out subsidies to promote meat and dairy consumption.

This policy is outdated and not in line with the needs of the 21st century. EU funding used for the promotion of animal products should eventually cease. During the transition period and till it is actually stopped, any funding should be limited and made conditional on meeting higher animal welfare standards using certain eligibility criteria.

Compassion in World Farming and other NGOs call for a minimum 50% reduction in land animal and fish products by 2030, with a concomitant rise in plant-rich nutrition.

The EU’s commitment to meat, dairy and fish production may have overshadowed the opportunities for growth in its horticultural sector. Promotion budgets should be directed to production and consumption of organic, healthy, minimally processed wholegrains, fruit, vegetables, nuts, legumes and other plant nutrition.

Promotion policy should, therefore, be used to help create changes in demand to provide producers with market incentives that are consistent with a transition towards a healthy, nutrition minded agriculture, and environmentally, socially and animal welfare friendly food systems.

The EU should also shift focus away from promoting exports to the internal market instead and support a sustainable food systems transition. The use of public money should be fully aligned with a sustainable food policy within and outside the EU.

The EU Commission’s public consultation on the topic is open until 11 September 2020.

You can submit your response here.

Source:  CIWF London.



Acclaimed Diabetes Professors Publish Groundbreaking Results Using NFI Protocol.


WAV Comment:


Food (literally) for thought:


UK Diabetes is expensive. It costs the National Health Service (NHS) £10 billion each year. But this is mainly because its complications, things like amputation, blindness, kidney failure and stroke, cost a lot of money.

The American Diabetes Association released new research on March 22, 2018 estimating the total costs of diagnosed diabetes have risen to $327 billion in 2017 from $245 billion in 2012, when the cost was last examined.

Here in the UK, diabetes costs the UK taxpayer a lot of money in their contributions to the NHS.  So, if you had Type 2 diabetes and were a meat eater; would you not review this information and take the opportunity over a series of weeks to try and rid yourself of the illness ?

From information coming from several different national sources, it would appear than changing to a meat free diet can have a drastic effect on type 2 diabetics.  Surely it is worth a try ?

No doubt there will be meat eaters or meat eating diabetics who would declare that this research is all tat, and changing diet cannot make such differences.  We simply say to them why not give it a go ? –  they may be surprised by what happens.  Surely anything that reduces the terrible consequences of this illness as detailed above is worth a go.

Regards Mark

BREAKING: Acclaimed Diabetes Professors Publish Groundbreaking Results Using NFI Protocol

The ‘advanced’ plant-based regimen has been shown to reverse type 2 diabetes in 84 percent of patients

A new intervention called the NFI Protocol has been shown in a recent study to reverse type 2 diabetes in 84 per cent of patients, Plant Based News can exclusively reveal (in Slovak and English).

The results have been published in the peer-reviewed Diabetik Forum journal in Slovakia. The publication has also been hosted on the state-run National Diabetes Association website called SDIA, accessible to doctors. The public online link will be available later this month.


The groundbreaking results showed 32 of the 38 type-2 diabetic patients in the study came off medication after the 20-week protocol, which is a personalized whole-food plant-based diet plan.

Founded by businessman David Hickman and biomedical scientist Zuzana Plevova, the NFI Protocol is specifically tailored to individuals based on height, weight, age, sex, medication, and associated diagnoses.

“I can’t find any literature anywhere which competes with this, let alone has the top professor in the country [supporting it] and no practising professors in the country that haven’t approved the results,” an NFI representative told Plant Based News.


The results have been authored by a number of leading diabetes academics, including doc. MUDr. Emil Martinka, PhD, head of the National Institute for Diabetes and Endocrinology in Slovakia; prof. MUDr. Ivan Tkáč, PhD, who leads all medical departments in the country as well as being the head of the University of Košice; prof. MUDr. Marián Mokáň, DrSc., FRCP Edin, who is in charge of all the diabetic doctors; and prof. MUDr. Peter Galajda, CSc – head of diabetes research, among others.

The 7,000-word publication finishes [via Google translate]: “An important part will also be to compare the results of the NFI diet and the usual dietary regimens recommended for type 2 diabetic patients, including PBDs (vegetarian, vegan).

“If the results of the study are favourable, dietary NFI protocol could become part of the dietary armamentary for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and patients with metabolic syndrome.”

More to follow

The study represents the first of many publications on the effects of the NFI Protocol on type 2 diabetic patients. It is believed the results could be submitted to bigger journals later in the year, including Diabetes Care and The Lancet.

Slovakia’s leading media outlet PRAVDA recently published an article about the early results (a teaser for which can be seen here) titled ‘Is This The End Of Type 2 Diabetes In Slovakia?’.

This is Australian dairy

Cows gruesomely mutilated and abused on filthy dairy farms

It’s like in the worst science fiction films, images that are unbearable even for strong nerves.
Australia is well known for its lack of environmental and animal welfare.

The corrupt government of Morrison is repeatedly asked to do something to protect animals and the environment, especially since Australia is also hardest hit by the consequences of climate change.
So far with little success.

Australia has over 160 million sheep and 24 million cattle – it doesn’t take much imagination what damage these million animals can do to the fragile ecosystem of the dry soil.

In addition, there is enormous cultivation of sugar cane. Large amounts of fertilizer and pesticides are washed from the sugar cane cultivation areas over streams and rivers into the sea and pose a serious threat to the Great Barrier Reef.

The agricultural lobby is very strong in Australia because the first pillar of Australian agriculture is sheep farming, followed by cattle breeding.

That is why factory farming in Australia has developed into a law-free area.

TODAY we know more about nutrition than ever before, which is why there are no longer any arguments in developed industrial countries why animals and their hormone products MUST be part of a diet.

Only Indifference and the fascist law of the stronger allow us to act like this.

If all consumers had all the information about slaughterhouses and factory farming from the beginning of their lives, then the majority would definitely make different decisions.

But we don’t get any more information, we get propaganda

The media are the servants of governments, journalists who report the truth lose their jobs.
This is why the farmer and the meat mafia invented pink piglets and purple cows on the sunny meadow.

This is how the animal cruelty business model flourishes in the billions.

My best regards to all, Venus