Migratory bird masacre in Lebanon

With the beginning of the bird migration, the first evidence of the terrible massacres that Lebanese poachers are causing among our European migratory birds reach us again.

This picture from last week shows a group of men proudly posing for a “selfie” with over 500 freshly shot migratory birds.
The prey consists almost exclusively of species that are strictly protected in Lebanon, such as swallows, oriole, wheatear, bee-eater, woodpecker.

The photo was taken after our research in the north of the country and was uploaded to the Instagram platform last Friday.

The police anti-poaching unit has been informed.

At the same time, preparations are underway for the bird protection mission in the Lebanon Mountains, financed by the Committee against Bird Murder, which begins next week.

By the end of the month, the “Bird Guards” from our partner association SPNL, which we have trained since 2017, will monitor important train corridors and take action against poachers together with the authorities.



And I mean…We recently reported on the joy of the millions of hunters in Europe because of the shooting down of migratory birds (https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2020/09/09/in-the-eu-mass-murderers-against-migratory-birds/).

This is what the EU calls the opening of the hunting season, and it started on September 13th.

The annual hunting range is around 50 million birds, including around 10 million song thrushes, over 1.3 million skylarks, and around 100,000 lapwings.

Our hunters here can’t wait to start shooting down the flying travelers in the sky.

In Italy it is no different, sparrows and other songbirds are considered delicacies. Nets are set up in which the birds get caught and die in agony.

Now the massacres are coming from Lebanon.
We do not differentiate between the EU and other countries.
A crime is a crime.

And we will never be tired of bringing to light the cruel crimes of hunters around the world.

Only one thing remains questionable in this particular case:
Would the Lebanese poachers present their faces so cool on the internet if they had to fear a high penalty?

My best regards to all, Venus


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