New Zealand: Live Export – It Is Not Worth the Suffering.

From our live export campaigner friends at SAFE in New Zealand:

Kia ora Mark

Tens of thousands of animals have died in live export disasters over the last decade.

Animals are exported alive from New Zealand for breeding due to a loophole in our law. These animals are transported in dangerous conditions on open sea voyages or by air. When they reach their destination, they are likely kept and slaughtered in ways that are illegal in New Zealand.

Live export is not worth the suffering. 
SAFE has launched an ambitious international campaign to put pressure on Labour leader Jacinda Ardern to impose a complete ban on all live export.

This advertisement is running in the Guardian online and will be seen by hundreds of thousands of readers across the UK and Europe.

Jacinda Ardern is known around the world for being a good leader and in Aotearoa New Zealand for putting kindness at the forefront of her values. Sadly, that kindness does not extend to animals.
The appalling human and animal suffering that happened when the Gulf Livestock 1 sank cannot happen again.
Jacinda Ardern needs to know just how many people care about animal welfare, and that the world’s attention is on how New Zealand handles this disaster. Our international reputation depends on it.

SAFE has run an advertisement in the Guardian newspaper so that people around the world can ask Jacinda Ardern to extend her kindness to animals and ban live export once and for all. You can help by sharing this advertisement with your friends and family via email and social media.

Share the advertisement now:

This year, approximately 65,000 cows have left our shores. There are significant risks to the welfare of farmed animals transported by ship, especially over long distances. The Pacific Ocean is renowned for rough seas that can cause the cows to suffer seasickness and be thrown around and injured. The rough seas, unnatural diet, high stocking densities and heat stress all have a negative effect on these animals, with some suffering injuries and others dying on board.

Once the journey is over, they may well end up confined in concrete factory farms for the rest of their lives, never to set foot on grass again. Then, when no longer deemed profitable, these cows will be killed, most likely by methods so cruel they are illegal in New Zealand.
We need to keep up the opposition to this cruel trade, and we can’t do it without you. Please make a gift today towards SAFE’s international campaign so we can continue to shine a spotlight on New Zealand’s cruel live export trade.

Animals need us to all work together to end their suffering.
Let’s ban live export – once and for all.  

Debra Ashton
Chief Executive Officer

Donate and give a gift to the campaign:

Show Jacinda that live export harms New Zealand’s reputation:

Regards Mark

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