Germany: a paradise for the meat mafia

The meat industry can rely on its faithful servants in politics!!

The Federal Council has decided to carry out fewer controls in meat processing plants, and slaughterhouses will also have to control significantly less in the future.

What sounds like a bad joke is unfortunately a reality.

Even so-called risk companies will have to inspect the consumer protection agencies less often than the previous regulation would like.

Companies from the sausage factory category, for example: So far, 12 mandatory inspections per year, in future only four.

For companies in which the authorities expect the highest health risk in the event of poor hygiene – the largest meat companies, for example – even 200 mandatory checks per year can now be omitted because instead of daily, are only mandatory weekly checks in the regulation

..Reason: Lack of staff!!

It’s like dismantling the speed cameras if too many cars are caught violating the speed limit – and in the end, the authorities are probably proud to say that there are now fewer speeders …


And I mean…After the corona outbreaks at the exploitative slaughterhouse company Tönnies, one would have expected that the responsible politicians would be ashamed and would pay more attention to the welfare of workers and keep an eye on the health of consumers, who have to be protected from poisoned and contaminated meat!

Instead, the slaughterhouses get even less control!!

So the operators of the so-called “meat industry” officially and mercilessly exploit everything and everyone. With the blessing of the state!

I would say to the Federal Council: Go into the slaughterhouses and stay with the animals until they are chopped up.

Stay there and feel their fear of death, see how they defecate their bladders in fear, see how they try to escape, how they are beaten up, how the “staff” laughs.

Hear their screams for help, the screams in the gas chamber, the screams in the scalding bath, the fidgeting with a slit throat and hear their last breath and watch them being dismembered, how almost finished babies are cut from their bodies!

Then you will find that you are the ones causing this misery.

And because you don’t even have the courage to commit suicide, the least you can do is to abolish these places.

My best regards to all, Venus

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