First think, then ask!

We hear that so often:
“Why don’t you take care of the poor, starving children in the developing world before you worry about the ‘cattle’?”

In short:
Especially the people who do not do anything for others, neither for the animals nor for the people, tend to accuse others of forgetting the people in need because of all their commitment to the animals!

Around 690 MILLION people worldwide are currently suffering from hunger! Source:…/un-report…/221914

Every 10 seconds a child dies of hunger!
Whoever does not consume meat and other animal products such as milk, eggs … is doing something against world hunger.

Why is that?

Example: To ‘produce’ 1 kg of beef, 16 kg of grain and soy are fed to animals.
Giant amounts of grain and soy are necessary to fatten these animals.
Instead of using it to feed the hungry of this world, we take the food from them to feed tortured animals.

If this grain were directly available for human nutrition, the WORLD HUNGER PROBLEM would be solved!

Up to 7 kilograms of feed and 15,300 liters of water are required to “produce” just 1 kilogram of beef. Including drinking water for the animals and water for cleaning the stables, this results in an unbelievable sum of 15,500 liters of water for just 1 kilogram of beef!

The tragic thing is: 2.1 billion people have no access to clean and available drinking water.

So … eating meat is a crime, for humanity and for animals.
But the carnivores allow it.

Just because the eyes of the starving children cannot be seen on the packaged meat in the supermarket.

My best regards to all, Venus

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