Holland: Mike and Karibuna flee the zoo. And are murdered!

A Dutch zoo shot two chimpanzees after they broke out of the enclosure.

The monkeys behaved aggressively (!!!), the Amersfoort Zoo announced on Tuesday.
“We very much regret this incident.”

According to the information, visitors and employees of the zoo were not harmed.

Presumably, a zookeeper had not properly locked the gate to the enclosure so the Chimpanzees named Mike and Karibuna were able to escape.

As soon as the outbreak of the two monkeys was discovered, the visitors were warned (!!!).
The zoo explains that male monkeys’ imposing behavior can be dangerous for people.
“To prevent further escalation, these two male chimpanzees were shot.”

Anesthesia was not an alternative.

The zoo spoke of a “black day”.


…And we call it a murder day!!

What right does someone have to murder two beings who have harmed no one?
With the same “right” with which they were locked up in prison for life, even though they were innocent!
With the fascist “right” of the stronger.

The zoo boss will not be locked up for this murder.
He belongs to the human species, that has rights.

Whoever has rights is respected
Whoever has no rights is despised.

R.I.P Mike and Karibuna…

You weren’t aggressive enough to drag some to their deaths, some of those who paid for your imprisonment and death


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