Psychopaths in our society

Animals United e.V.

❌‼ ️ Hanged – skinned – desecrated: Therapy dog ​​” Maddox” murdered by its own owner!

There are deeply disturbing recordings that we received recently … 👉 (Video will follow TODAY EVENING at 19:00)

In the darkness, between dense branches, contours and outlines emerge that suggest the indescribable … weak, dim light makes the whole horror more or less visible and reveals a hanging animal carcass and its executioner, who is circling its victim in a most disturbing way and repeatedly lifting his head to shake and pat it …

▪️The horror scene: a piece of land in Loxstedt, Germany, Lower Saxony
▪️The perpetrator: A mentally ill man known to the police
▪️The victim: His therapy dog ​​” Maddox”


The 40-year-old has been causing discomfort in his neighborhood for a long time. The animal molester is considered unpredictable – the neighbors fear him.

His therapy dog ​​” Maddox” – a beautiful, imposing animal – was once entrusted to the mentally ill person in order to accompany him on his therapeutically supported recovery path.

The responsible veterinary office (district of Cuxhaven) had already been consulted on several occasions by the neighborhood because various abuses in the keeping and abuse of the good-natured animal by the tormentor to be treated had been heard and observed.

An intervention or even an urgently reported confiscation of the dog by the office, however, never took place.
After all, it is a therapy animal that can endure a lot.

The perpetrator hanged “Maddox” on said afternoon/evening, on November 14, 2020, on a property on a tree, then skinned it and then desecrated its body. It is not known whether the animal was killed by hanging or had been killed before.

The intervention of the police, to which the “violation of animal welfare regulations” had been reported, then took place with the support of the Special Operations Command and ultimately ended with an admission to a psychiatric institution for the animal killer.

On the evening before (November 13th, 2020) the police were deployed for the first time because witnesses observed cruel practices against the dog “Maddox” by its owner.

Overcoming the perpetrator had turned out to be quite risky and ended with a serious cut caused by the abuser against a police officer, which ultimately had to be fixed and treated by means of an emergency operation.

In view of the fact that the psycho-pathologically based aggression potential, as well as the existing unpredictability of the animal murderer, had already become apparent the day before, the inaction of the competent authorities and the dismissal of the dangerous psycho offender should be rated as grossly negligent and irresponsible!

“Maddox” was executed in the most horrific way possible by the hand of his “wards” and could still live today if the responsible veterinary office had consistently followed up on the numerous reports of those witnessing abuse, had acted early, and had withdrawn the tortured animal from its tormentor and executioner!

We at ANIMALS UNITED demand seamless and consistent monitoring and care of such complex human-animal relationships! It cannot and must not be that behaviorally unpredictable people are entrusted uncontrollably with the responsible task of caring for and looking after a living and suffering creature and that their animal protégés are exposed to the pathological disturbance impulses of their sick owners without protection!

We remember the sweet and faithful “Maddox” who was murdered by the hand of that person whose health stability he tried to improve.

And I mean…In the USA the psychopath would have been shot on his feet and thus rendered harmless.

Why should “therapy animals” even give?
Who ordered that a mentally and psychologically disturbed may have a dog for “therapy”?
That’s where it starts!

With technically incompetent Psychologists who want to re-socialize the dangerous mentally ill through wrong treatments, diagnoses, “therapies”.

And last but not least, the weak, incompetent neighbors are to blame, everyone who noticed everything and did not interfere.

Interfered, not just with reports to incompetent officials.

5 or 6 people armed with sticks would have managed to save the dog from the violence of the psychopath.

I will not post the promised video.
That doesn’t help the victim.
And those who filmed it should next try to prevent a murder through civic courage, not clicktivism.

My best regards to all, Venus

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