Serbia: Welfare Alliance has Concerns Over Alleged Non-Abolition of Legislation – Official Herald RS No.29/94 – “for humane catching and DESTROYING OF STRAY CATS AND DOGS””

Despite the information and alleged agreements made on October 3rd; please see  it would appear that the Veterinary Directorate, who had several representatives at the October 3rd meeting, including Mr. Zoran Mićović, Head of the Veterinary Directorate, Mr. Zvonimir Rot, Councilor of the Head of the Veterinary Directorate and Mr. Budimir Plavšić, Head of the Animal welfare department, the Veterinary Directorate are distancing themselves from Act 29/94, which was ABOLISHED on 3rd October.


The following is part of the ‘Public Notice’ which was issued directly after the meeting of 3rd October:


“Apart from the decision that in Serbia, for the first time in Balkan region countries, will be implemented the only humane way of control of cats and dogs’ population, it has also been decided to abolish the implementation of the Act on Terms and Measures for Humane Catching and Destroying of stray cats and dogs (Official Herald RS, no.29/94) This means that as of today, October 3rd 2008, not a single cat or a dog can be killed by any zoo-hygiene service in the Republic of Serbia.    


Furthermore, this is a signal to all local governments in Serbia (135) to immediately start with implementation of the republic Law on Veterinary practice (The local government is obliged to organize a zoo-hygiene service on its territory for the following activities) and of the Paragraph 1 of this Article (to catch and place the abandoned animals in the animal shelters)”.


As 24th October, after investigations by alliance members, the 29/94 Act was still being displayed on the Veterinary Directorate web site – The very same act which was abolished on October 3rd and the Veterinary Directorate being the department which has three senior representatives at the October 3rd meeting !


Despite promises being made on 3rd October, campaigners are aware that Act 29/94 is still being regularly implemented.  As can be seen from the web site published Act, Office Herald RS No. 29/94 is titled

the ACT on the terms and measures for humane catching and DESTROYING of stray cats and dogs



The Official Herald RS No.29/94


In accordance with the Article 8, Paragraph 2 of the Law on Medical Protection of Animals (‘’Official Herald RS, No.37/91, 50/92, 33/93 and 52/93),


the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management announces



the ACT


on the terms and measures for humane catching and DESTROYING

of stray cats and dogs



Including some of the following:


Article 1


The sanitary service in charge of catching and destroying of stray cats and dogs …….


Article 2


The facility for destroying stray cats and dogs …..


Article 3


In order to provide the terms for human catching and destroying of stray cats and dogs …..


Article 5


Rooms for keeping of collected cats and dogs must ………….


Rooms for equipment for humane killing of cats and dogs and for dead animals


Article 6


The sanitary service in charge of catching and destroying of stray cats and dogs ……


Article 8


After the time period from Article 7, paragraph 2 of this Act, and if the owner of a cat or a dog does not take over the animal, they must be killed in a humane way, except for the cats and dogs which are to be given to research institutions.


Article 9


Transport of collected cats and dogs, and transport of dead bodies must be performed by a specialized motor vehicle …



This Act shall come into force eight days after it is published in the ‘’Official Herald RS’’.






Belgrade, April 12th 1994



The Minister


Mr.Ivko Djonovic



According to the Public Notice of 3rd October, from that day, the Act 29/94 was ABOLISHED.



The Public Notice also declared:


“According to Mr.Mićović, the Project will be realized in cooperation with the European Union”.


In the EU Intergroup letter to President Tadic on 21st October, the EU declared:


“The respect of animal protection is also part of the acquis communautaire. As a potential candidate to join the European Union it is therefore in your interest to improve the welfare conditions of all animals in your country”.


The alliance and the EU ask why Act 29/94 is allegedly still being used nationwide in spite of an abolishment of the Act on 3rd October ?


The findings and information given in this article will be presented as evidence to the EU Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals.

Full Serbian and English (translation) copies of Act 29/94 can be viewed by accessing the following :

SERBIAN – 29-94-pravilnik-o-hvatanjupasa-i-macaka-u-srbiji


ENGLISH – 29-94-regulations-to-trap-dogs-and-cats-in-serbia



Germany – Please Support the “Docs 4 Dogs” Campaign to Close Animal ‘Camps’ in Bulgaria –

Dear animal lovers around the world!We are a registered German charitable non-profit organization named “Docs 4 Dogs”, and we are currently running a campaign for the closure of all animal camps in Bulgaria.

Despite the Bulgarian animal protection act having come into force in January 2008, stray dogs are still being abused, slain and poisoned. The former isolators (death camps) are now called “animal shelters”. A report on our website gives you an idea about the appalling situation of those poor animals: need your help to urge the politicians who could prevent these cruelties to close down the death camps for stray animals in Bulgaria. Right now we are focusing on the isolator in Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second largest city, where two animal keepers slayed 14 stray dogs with iron bars on February 8,2008. If you have a website, blog or mailing list, please publish the following link were people can sign our protest against the massacre of stray animals in Bulgaria:



We appreciate your help! If you want to support us even more, please link to our web site. We can also link back to you, if you send us the URL and a short description of your website. The Docs 4 Dogs website can be found here: 


We would like to thank you in advance for your support! Bestregards,


Matthias Hofmann  – Docs 4 Dogs

20/09 – ‘POLITIKA’ Newspaper Article Gives Coverage About No Kill National Programme

The Serbian national daily newspaper, ‘POLITIKA’, which is read by very many Serbian citizens, carried an article on the 20th October regarding stray animals.


A copy of the POLITIKA article can be viewed here:



And an English translation can be viewed directly below.


This article can be viewed as a very positive move towards the better treatment of stray animal throughout Serbia.   SAV would like to congratulate all of our Serbian animal welfare campaigner friends for what has been achieved.


Now we have to look towards the future and give our thanks to Mr. Micovic for the work he has already undertaken with this legislation.  NGO’s across Serbia will be very keen to work with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management and the Veterinary Directorate in achieving goals which will be beneficial for all animals.



‘POLITIKA’ English translation:



POLITIKA, 20th October 2008


The solution of problem with stray dogs is within sight




The Veterinary Directorate and the Animal Welfare organizations accepted a new approach in dealing with stray cats and dogs  – for start, no more killing ‘’on the spot’’. 



The better days are finally coming for the abandoned cats and dogs in Serbia, since for the first time in Balkans, Serbia has adopted a new regulation by which it is not allowed for the workers in zoo-hygiene services to kill cats and dogs. Furthermore, participation in national No Kill sterilization project will mean less cruelty and brutality towards these animals, which was usual situation so far in spite of the protests of people who have been taking care of these ‘nobody’s’ cats and dogs. Mrs. Zlata Korjenic, the president of ‘’Help Animals’’ and her associate from Subotica Mrs. Slavica Mazlak Beslic, the president of animal welfare organization ‘’Prijatelj’’  were quite content after the meeting at the Veterinary Directorate.

The better

Upon the initiative of our two organizations, the Veterinary Directorate together with the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, has taken a very important step, especially for the cats and dogs population. I think that this is so far unrecorded contribution to global Animal’s Day – Mrs. Korjenic said. – Apart from the decision to adopt a more humane method in solving of this problem, the Directorate has decided to abolish the Act on Terms and Measures for Humane catching and killing of stray cats and dogs, dated from 1994. It is also a signal for the 135 local governments in Serbia to start implementing of the Law on Veterinary Practice i.e. the Article 46 ( ‘‘ The local government is obliged to organize a zoo-hygiene service on its territory for the following activates…’’) and the Paragraph 1 of this Article (‘’…to catch and keep the collected animals in animal shelters.’’) – continued Mrs. Korjenic. – It would be beneficial for both – the citizens would be safe, and the animals would stay alive.


The officials are satisfied as well. Mr. Zoran Micovic, the Head of the Veterinary Directorate, which is a part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, reminded us that in the recent period they have been intensively working on new regulations regarding animal welfare. The Proposal of the Law on Animal Welfare has been made in accordance with the EU decisions, instructions and resolutions as well as in accordance with the OIE guidelines and the European conventions.


Mr. Micovic pointed out that these regulations pay special attention to abandoned and lost animals. For example, the shelters for abandoned animals can be founded by legal entities, entrepreneurs and private persons, while the local governments are obliged to organize a shelter if there are abandoned animals on its territory.


The local government is also obliged to organize collecting, transport and treatment of the abandoned and lost animals, as well as to provide them aid, care and place to live treating them in such a way that they suffer minimal pain, stress or fear. Each area should develop specific programs of cats and dogs’ population control and optimization, adjusted to their situation. – Mr.Micovic said.


The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management and the Veterinary Directorate expect to have partners in non-governmental organizations for animal welfare and in the registered animal welfare organizations, and to act jointly in achieving goals which would be beneficial for the animals but also would not jeopardize the rights and the ethics of other citizens.               


Rajna Popovic


Europe: EU Intergroup on the Welfare & Conservation of Animals Writes to the President of Serbia Expressing Concerns About Serbian Stray Animal Treatment

Campaigners for Serbian animals have today, 21st October, welcomed some encouraging news from the European Union (EU) regarding Serbian strays.


In a letter dated 21st October, the President of the EU Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals, Mr. Neil Parish MEP (United Kingdom)



along with Vice President Dr. Caroline Lucas MEP (United Kingdom)


and Vice President  Mr. Janusz Wojciechowski MEP (Poland)


have written a formal letter on behalf of the EU Intergroup to none other than the President of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Boris Tadic, regarding the situation of cruelties and killings perpetrated against stray animals in Serbia.


A copy of the letter follows:


and a Serbian translation of the EU Intergroup letter to President Tadic of Serbia can be seen as follows:



Campaigners are delighted to see that the Intergroup declares in its last paragraph of the letter, that


it is therefore in your interest to improve the welfare conditions of animals in your country”,


this being especially relevant as the Republic of Serbia who is a potential candidate for EU membership (Accession).


As can be seen, mention is also made in relation to current abuses of Article 269 of the Criminal Code of Serbia; an article which can implement punishments of up to three years imprisonment for causing cruelty to or the  killings of animals contrary to the law of veterinary standards.


Campaigners would very much like to thank Mr. Parish, Mr. Wojciechowski and Dr. Lucas for their attention and support in raising awareness of the Serbian stray animals situation across the World.


The closing statement by the Intergroup asks Mr. Tadic for a response to the issues raised in the letter.


Serbian campaigners, and other animal welfare campaigners worldwide will be very keen to see the response that Mr. Tadic provides.


Additional Note:


As can be seen in the SAV article


of 3rd October,


The ‘Public Notice’ statement made on the day, declared :-


“the Veterinary Directorate of the Republic of Serbia and Standing Conference of Cities and Municipalities in Serbia, have decided to, as Mr.Zoran Mićović, Head of the Veterinary Directorate said (quotation): ‘’…from this moment we will take part in the REALISATION OF THE PROJECT OF NATIONAL No Kill spay/neuter strategy in solving the problem of cats and dogs population’’. 

According to Mr.Mićović, the Project will be realized in cooperation with the European Union”.


As the European Union have now expressed concerns about Serbian stray animals, campaigners wait to see if the declarations made by Mr. Micovic on October 3rd will be fully supported and implemented throughout Serbia by Mr. Tadic.  They will wish to see the ‘project realized in cooperation with the European Union’.


SAV will be providing additional updates to this story as news arrives.


SAV would also like to thank Mr. Dan Dalton, assistant to Mr. Parish for his assistance with this issue.



A Happy ‘Tail’ – ‘Mini’ Now Adopted and Living in Austria

Here is a picture of Mini; once resident at Jelena’s shelter

Mini has now been adopted and is pictured with her new ‘parents’ in Austria.

For more on Jelena’s shelter please go to the following links:

Please spread the word and give Jelena’s shelter as much help as possible,

Thank You.


Russia: Urgent Appeal To Stop the Seizure of a Shelter with 400 Animals – Please Act Immediately


SAV have been sent an urgent message from animal welfare campaigners about a shelter in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

E mails need to be sent based around the following wording.  Please copy and modify if you wish.



Basis of e mail to be sent:


A seizure of a shelter for homeless animals, the shelter “Rzevka”, is being planned, the initiator being one Belous Maya Ivanovna. She is known as an owner of the shelter “Iljinka” under existing city administration.

If the seizure occurs, then good shelter “Rzevka” could easily become another shelter like “Iliinka”.  In NO WAY must this be allowed to happen, ever !.

I ask that the good shelter “Rzevka” is not allowed to be seized, especially having seen pictures of the conditions in which animals are living and being kept at the shelter at  “Iliinka”, which is owned by Belous Maya Ivanovna.  This person must not be allowed to gain any ownership of the good shelter “Rzevka” and change it into another home of hell for the animals.


Thank you




We do not have a lot of information, but the message sent to us is as follows; the above sample letter draft has been produced by SAV:

“We are the volunteers of shelters for homeless animals. And we request you about the aid!

It’s very urgent to inform people, who cares about animals all over the world!! As we have no support in our country. This situation needs influence from outside.

Making the long story short, time is very costly!!

In Saint-Petersburg a seizure of a shelter for homeless animals is being planned.




The initiator is the well-known in Saint-Petersburg flayer and slaughterer Belous Maya Ivanovna. She is known as an owner of the shelter “Iljinka” in the city administration.

There have been happening terrifying things there for many years. We sent a letter to the European Society of Animal Protection but we were not heard.If we do not do anything now, 400 animals will suffer and die there!!!

In the attached photographs you can see the shelter Iliinka and shelter Rzevka. If the seizure will be occurs, Rzevka will be like Iliinka!



Italy: Legal Action 4 Animal Rights

Paola says the following; so please either just join up as a member, or if you are a ‘legal’ person who can help, leave your details;
Thank You.
I have created this group
but I do not know how many lawyers are on this list.



This group is designed for people interested in promoting animal welfare laws regardless of geographical location. This group is opened to people who love animals, who study law or are working within the legal field. The aim of the group is share info about animal law in different countries, post action alerts, share ideas and give support.

We want to see a world where there are comprehensive and effective laws to protect animals from the deliberate infliction of pain and distress on them by people, and where the laws are properly enforced.

Efforts to promote awareness and community involvement is one of our goals without which no law can be effectively observed.

Please join us, for the animals

I am the voice of the voiceless:
Through me, the dumb shall speak;
Till the deaf world’s ear be made to hear
The cry of the wordless weak.
— By Ella Wheeler Wilcox —

I have accepted members that are not in legal field but wanted help.
I am always looking for members for the group
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perhaps someone will reply.
I am working to look for new members..