Romania: Stray Dogs – Please Vote in newspaper Poll and Also Leave Comments


Dear Animal Friends


here is a poll on the best solution for the street dogs – 

*** your comments are more important than votes ***


You can help us with comments, in the support of spay/neuter & release policy – the only method that can help reducing the street dog population.


The poll has 3 options:


1  euthanasia (which is banned in Romania since Jan 2008, but the newspaper is known for its anti-animals, anti-dogs attitude)


2  spay/neuter and release on streets


3  impounding – dog pounds in Romania are equal to sentencing the animals to death by starving, misery. It’s a waste of public money, while the uncontrolled breeding of yard dogs and pets and dog abandonment is the unstoppable source of the street dogs.


Vital:  Please cast your vote for the MIDDLE selection – “Sterilizarea si eliberarea pe strazi”


Then click on the box marked “VOT”


Example: dogs canibalization in the dogpound of NGO Horez (the dogcatchers are a NGO for ‘animal protection’) paid by city hall of Braila

Films and photos from this dogpound below:

Other dogpounds here, showing the maltreatment of dogs in the  Romanian public dogpounds, paid from taxpayers money:  


Even if the law for animal protection bans the euthanasia in Romania now, dog culling and killing is the only measure used by most of Romanian cities to ‘eliminate’ the street dog population – officially, all will deny it. Street dog poisoning with carbofuran, antifreeze are still in use. Unofficially, even the sanitary veterinarian employees say: who could infirm the dogs in the public dogpounds died from incurable diseases and old age?

 The exceptions are a few: Bucharest, Ploiesti (recently), Hunedoara, Oradea, and other small towns, which relies on spay-neuter projects run by animal organizations. The public money are used to kill & maltreat the animals, even if this is illegal.

To add comments you only need to click on : ‘adauga comentarii’, then leave a name and e-mail address – no further confirmations necessary.


Worth adding that  mayor of Braila is very proud of his daughter, studying abroad, in Germany, winning a scholarship in the US, for NASA.


While his views and attitude toward dog lovers, citizens with equal rights, date back in the medieval or soviet age, rejecting the dialogue with citizens and co-operation with Vier-Pfoten, Romania Animal Rescue, FRPCA and all animal organizations. The mayor broke his word and even the dogs spayed by animal organizations are culled by dogcatchers.


Thank you

Daniela Dragomir



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