Crete: Private Animal Shelter Under Threat – Please Read and Send E Mail To Mayor


Please support the efforts of Daphne by copying and dending the sample letter below to ALL the e mail addresses given.  Thanks – SAV


This is about the private shelter in Kaina in Vamos area in Crete.This shelter has about 200 dogs and the villagers do not want it there…The mayor is on their side(!) although the shelter is 100% legal.They want the animals out (where?) to the streets so they can shoot and poison them or get them killed by cars(the motorway is nearby)...Tommorow there is a live broadcast on local tv where villagers and the mayor will be facing animal welfare activists and environmentalists.We need thousands of e-mails TODAY sent to saying that the world supports Linda Lucas and her shelter even threat them that the world will all turn against their municipality in negative advertising

Please send MASS e-mails and tell your friends and relatives to send too. Only this way we can save these poor dogs…

Note that many of them are wounded handicapped and elder animals who need medical attention daily and only Linda Lucas can offer… 

Send your sample letter or a letter of your own to ALL the following:,,,,,


To Whom It May Concern:

I am outraged yet again regarding this senseless massacre in your community!

I have written previously, my words unnoticed, ignored, just as your animals. You campaign to brutalize animals, and I am sickened over your techniques, which include poisoning, shooting, and crushing by vehicle. Animals, like humans, are sentient, capable of fear, love, pain, and suffering; humans have the obligation and the capacity for empathy, and we must utilize our gifts to protect animals, not greedily slaughter them.

Your blatant disregard of your most vulnerable group of beings is unforgivable, and you only serve to attribute agony and sorrow to your country rather than beauty and giving. Perhaps you believe that, as an official of your community, your actions are beyond reproach. Perhaps you believe the world is blind to your illicit activities. The world, however, is vigilant, and we demand equity and love for your animals. We support Linda Lucas and her shelter!

As such, while you design to destroy the one small oasis of peace for animals, I will promote a boycott of your country and your country products. If a massacre should befall your innocent animals, you will reap the loss of tourism dollars; indeed, it would be financially detrimental for you to continue with your plans to harm these animals and should this occur, you will not only be considered malicious by the global community, but you will also sacrifice vital tourism dollars.

Please do not bear reality to this massacre: support, as we do, Linda Lucas, maintain her shelter, provide for spaying and neutering procedures, accept local and international assistance, criminalize any who abuse animals, and strive to foster an ideal whereby animals are respected, loved, empathized.



YOUR Country

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