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Ecuador Sets Major Rainforest and Climate Protection Precedent





VICTORY: Ecuador Sets Major Rainforest and Climate Protection Precedent

– It is reported Ecuador will be compensated for leaving oil reserves in Yasuni National Park untouched. This is a major victory for Ecuador, the rainforest movement, and Ecological Internet – who was the first to campaign internationally on the issue.

July 31, 2010
From Earth’s Newsdesk and the Rainforest Portal, projects of Ecological Internet (EI) |
Ecuador’s government announced today it has reached a deal with the United Nations Development Program under which donor countries will compensate Quito for leaving oil reserves untouched in a large primary rainforest filled national park. Yasuni National Park – covering some 9,820 km2, or about the size of Massachusetts –  is thought to be one of Earth’s most biodiversity rich sites and is also home to several nomadic Indian tribes. Yasuni’s preservation (total protection, not “sustainable management” or “conservation”) would spare Earth some 410 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that contribute to global warming; while keeping biodiversity, ecosystems and cultures fully intact. The official signing is reported to be held on Tuesday.

Ecological Internet’s Earth Action Network [1] was the first to campaign internationally on threats to Yasuni from oil exploration, successfully internationalizing the issue. “This marvelous rainforest and climate victory is very gratifying and exciting,” states Dr. Glen Barry, Ecological Internet President. “Ecological Internet began to campaign in the early 2000s to protect Yasuni National Park from oil development, and continuously since. Like so many of our campaigns, it has just taken off. Our efforts were picked up by ‘The Ecologist’ Magazine, and since then a large local and global movement has been built – including the Yasuni-ITT Initiative, Scientists Concerned for Yasuni, Save America’s Forest and many other participants – who share in this victory.”

In 2007, Ecuador’s then President Rafael Correa launched the Yasuni-ITT Initiative, which sought compensation for agreeing to forgo exploiting the estimated 846 million barrels of crude in the Yasuni National Park. Negotiations had centered on the amount of compensation Ecuador would receive, with Correa insisting his nation get at least 3.5 billion dollars over ten years — about half the value of the estimated reserves in the protected area. When international donors were slow to respond, Ecological Internet launched another campaign which successfully “nudged” donor nations to fund this Yasuni-ITT proposal[2]. As of early this year, about half had been pledged, with Germany (910 million) and Spain (241.8 million) leading the group of donors that included France, Sweden and Switzerland.

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Much of the remainder of the Western Amazon — home to some of the most biodiverse and intact primary rainforest ecosystems left on Earth, which are critical for driving regional and global ecosystems and climatic patterns necessary for life – are threatened with decimation by oil rigs and pipelines. Over 180 oil and gas “blocks” – covering some 688,000 km2 (170 million acres) of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and western Brazil (nearly the size of Texas) – areas zoned for exploration and development. This energy production is concentrated in the Amazon’s largest remaining un-fragmented primary rainforest wildernesses, containing the most species of birds, mammals, and amphibians.

 “Destruction of primary rainforests for oil production and other industrial developments is a global ecological emergency. Regional governments, international donors and global citizens must decide whether every last bit of the Earth’s old forest wildernesses; and intact, large ecosystems which make Earth habitable, will be sacrificed to delay having to transition now to renewable energy sources. In the process, abrupt run-away climate change, mass extinction and social disintegration will be ensured. This deal, if indeed signed as reported on Tuesday, represents a major new model for achieving global ecological sustainability, which must be replicated wherever primary rainforests shroud oil reserves. Further, it sets the precedent that to truly be protected, primary rainforests must be fully preserved in an intact condition, and not ‘sustainably managed’, which is a myth,” explains Dr. Barry.

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Romania: Man is Seen Attacking a Dog; Another Man Steps in to Defend Dog and is Stabbed to Death as a Result – The Romanian Authorities Are NOT Acting to Help Animals, But Help Criminals !

Today’s news: In Brasov, a man saw an aggressor beating a street dog, and tried to save the dog.   The aggressor vented his rage upon him, the dog lover was attacked, beaten, stabbed to death with a glass piece in his chest.

This is the result of the tensions that have built – up in the Romanian society over the last years, of the policy of violence against the street animals promoted and encouraged by Romanian authorities.

There is nowhere you can report the acts of cruelty against animals, with the hope and expectation that the law will be enforced.

If media and people make pressure on cases that get to public knowledge, the authorities will open the regular penal investigations, which in the best case will end 1 year later with the aggressors facing no penal convictions.

If you report cruelty cases to police, the investigations will be very slow, rather reluctant and often the witnesses and the plaintiff are treated with a sort of mockery. 

Witnesses report sometimes they were influenced by police representatives, during interviews. In other cases the investigations consist in exchange of letters with perpetrators. The evidences submitted are ignored, omitted. The investigations are conducted in such a manner to end up with no criminal charges. We can provide evidence of such cases.

The investigations are carried out simply because these public employees fear reports or complaints to higher levels, not because the law and society reprove the animal cruelty, and the perpetrators should pay for their acts.

According to our knowledge, since 2008, all penal investigations on animal cruelty ended with very few insignificant administrative fines: less than 125 euro for a horse stabbed to death by the employees of a zoo, less than 50 euro for poisoning dogs with insecticide.   That is, insignificant administrative fines for felony cases.

Many other dossiers regarding animal maltreatment and mass killing of dogs while the law forbids it, with hard evidences, are blocked at Braila, Tulcea, Onesti etc. The system is very ‘efficient’ to cover the facts and perpetrators.

Other penal complaints on animal cruelty were lost in the bureaucratic system of police and prosecutors.

If you are an individual, a citizen who knows your Romanian law punishes the animal cruelty, and you take stand and report a cruelty act to authorities, you have no chance to see the perpetrator punished as provided by law.

Last week our organization brought a case on the table of the Romanian College of Veterinarians, were interviewed, and they defended their colleague who killed and maltreated thousands of dogs in Braila, and still does it, saying that we have no right of complaint, since we were not the owners of dogs, that the veterinarians are not in charge of animal welfare, and how can we prove the 2000 dogs killed as incurables were not incurable but healthy dogs?

Could a veterinarian with 40% dog mortality rate in his shelter, he being also owner of this dog killing ‘business’, could he be called ‘veterinarian’?

This position was expressed within the highest Romanian institution monitoring the veterinarians deontology.

So that, what position to expect from the other institutions?

Daniela Dragomir


International: Animal Petitions Site – Please Visit and Sign for a Massive Amount of Animal Issues

Animal Petitions.

Please visit this site to see a host of animal petitions which you can electronically ‘sign’ via your computer.

Just a very small sample of some petitions are:–the_dirty_little_secret

And if you have a cause which is not getting attention, then why not create a petition of your own ? – this site allows you to do this.

Please check out the great site and start signing.