Serbia: Furnace Used to Kill Dogs in Cuprija ? – Shinters Try to Take 5 Puppies From Citizen to Kill Them – The no kill law of Serbia is not being implemented anywhere !

The photos here show a shinters car from Cuprija –


Here they catch dogs and cats, as well as other towns and cities such as Svilajnac.  In Cuprija, they have a furnace for killing dogs.  We know of information which says that live dogs are killed by being burnt in these furnaces.  Cats are always dead before they arrive at the furnace, because the shinters throw live cats into the same vehicle that carries the dogs; and the dogs kill the cats.

EPAR in Subotica has received a letter about the shinters at the city pound of Pozega –,_Serbia

We are informed that there is only one cage at the pound, which contains around 40-50 dogs, who are all deprived of both food and water, even in temperatures of around 40 degrees C.

A letter provided by a citizen of Uzice city says that shinters have caught her little dog.  The lady in question writes that she went to look for this pound.  She understands that her dog was killed.  The lady still had 5 puppies belonging to this dog.  The next day shinters went to the house of the lady saying that they wanted to take the puppies and kill them also.

The lady threw the shinters out of her house, but the shinters then called the police.

We do not know what happened after this but telephone calls are being made to gather more information.

The no kill law of Serbia is not being implemented anywhere.

The letter provided by a the lady of Uzice city can be seen below:


USA: Ask President Obama to Tighten US Law Regarding Captive TIGERS










As few as 3,200 tigers remain in the wild.

At the same time that tigers are vanishing from their natural habitats, more than 5,000 tigers may exist in captivity in the U.S alone. Loopholes in current regulations allow many tigers to be held without any permit or reporting requirements, putting U.S. captive tigers at risk of entry into the illegal tiger trade – the biggest threat to the survival of wild tigers.

Urge the Obama Administration to tighten U.S. laws protecting captive tigers to prevent them from contributing to the illegal tiger trade >

A recent study by World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) partner TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, found that the federal government has no way to determine exactly how many captive tigers are in the U.S., where they are, who owns them, or what happens to them when they die.

This lax management makes the U.S. captive tiger population an easy target for black market sales. Without tighter regulation, this large population could become a “drip feed” of supply to fill demand for tiger parts, thereby perpetuating this market and further threatening wild tiger populations by putting them at increased risk of poaching.

Help strengthen U.S. laws to ensure captive tigers do not contribute to the endangerment of the world’s remaining wild tiger populations >

If we don’t take action now to protect the remaining population of wild tigers, we will witness the loss of one of the world’s most impressive animals. In the past 100 years, wild tiger populations have fallen by about 95%. Without action to stem this decline, we risk the very survival of wild tigers.

Take action today: sign our petition with the World Wildlife Fund >

Thank you for raising your voice,

– The team in partnership with World Wildlife Fund

Spain: Please Take Action Now Against the Bull Killing Festival in September

Please go to the following for sample letter:

Picture the scene: you’re tired and debilitated, and a huge crowd of people are stabbing spears into your body to drain you of your blood and kill you. You have no escape, and you eventually die after your tail has been cut off.

This is the scene every year in Castilla y Léon, Spain, at the Toro de la Vega “festival”, where a bull is tortured in the name of “entertainment”.

Take action NOW against this cruelty by writing to the mayor of the autonomous region and the tourism board today.

Don’t let more bulls die for “entertainment”. Please help stop this.