Global: World Animal Day 4/10/10. What Are You Doing ?




Perhaps you aren’t aware that 4 October is World Animal Day.

Yet World Animal Day is celebrated around the world by organisations, groups, clubs, schools, places of worship and individual, animal‐loving members of the public.

World Animal Day celebrates humankind’s unique relationship with the animal kingdom, and acknowledges the numerous ways in which animals enrich our lives.

You don’t have to be involved in animal welfare in any way at all; you just have to care about animals. is full of ideas of ways you can get involved in World Animal Day. Here are a few of the fabulous events that took place around the world recently:

Schools in Tanzania, Morocco, Cameroon, Hong Kong, Philippines, Nepal, India, Cambodia, Malaysia, Armenia, Romania, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guatemala, UK and the USA undertook special topics on pet care and held art and craft competitions, often later exhibiting the children’s work to the public.

In 2007, many African countries including Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, held educational events to raise public awareness of animal welfare, with an emphasis on farm animals, and the importance of conservation.

In Asia, events took place involving individuals, through small, grass‐roots groups through to international organisations. In Palawan, Philippines, even the animals sported World Animal Day T‐shirts when joining in a colourful World Animal Day procession. In Cambodia, an animal art competition was held for 250 orphans and vulnerable children in Phnom Penh with 50 winners being taken on a day trip to the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre.

Music often plays a part in World Animal Day. In 2007, in Australia and the USA fabulous black tie gala balls and concerts raised much‐needed funds.

Throughout the world, information stalls in shopping areas are a popular way of raising awareness of animal welfare issues.

Fundraising events, such as sponsored dog walks or pet shows, take place in many countries.

Many animal shelters around the world hold open days or adoption days.

In 2007, the SPOTS Foundation in Holland, with the help of a large group of children, broke the Guinness world record for the ‘Longest Painting by Numbers’ – an animal painting of course!

Please do take a look at the ‘Events Diary’ on the website as I’m sure you will find the event reports and images truly inspiring and then click on ‘Get Involved’ for more ideas and advice on getting organised. It’s never too early to start thinking about how you might get involved.

Don’t forget to let us know your plans so that we can tell the world and please sign the Pledge Board to show you care.

A celebration of animals and their contribution to our lives

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Show the Animals you Care – Get Involved

Dear Friends of the Animals

Although World Animal Day is only 54 days away, we know there are still many more events that we need to know about for inclusion in the 2010 Online Diary! If you’ve already contacted us then please ignore this paragraph!  However, if you are organising a World Animal Day event and haven’t yet told us about it, please send the information and details via email as soon as you can.  

We are calling on animal advocates throughout the world to help unite the animal welfare movement at this special time, embracing all animals and the unique concerns of each in every country. Increased awareness of animal welfare issues will eventually lead the way to improved standards of welfare throughout the globe – and what a wonderful achievement that will be!

Get involved and be part of something special !
The website has everything you need to help organise a special event for the animals.
Get started at Get Involved and then go to:

STEP 1  Get and Idea – We’ve got plenty!  
STEP 2  Get Organized – Suggested guidelines to help you plan for a successful World Animal Day.
STEP 3 Get Publicity – Advertise your event with us for free. Your email should include an outline of the event, including time, location and contact details, and we’ll do the rest!  The website provides free publicity to any group or individual who is doing something special connected with animals on or around 4 October. Events can take place up to 2 weeks either side and still be included on the website – as long as they’re being advertised as World Animal Day events of course!

VERY IMPORTANT – don’t forget to take photographs of your event and, as soon as possible afterwards, write up a short event report for publication in the ‘2010 World Animal Day Events Round-Up’. If your country has a World Animal Day Ambassador, please send it to them and they will collate the event reports and images for your country before sending the information to us. Please note: if your country doesn’t have an Ambassador, please send your images and report directly to We’ll show the World what you have achieved for the animals and inspire others to get involved next year.

Help spread the message
You can help raise awareness of World Animal Day by: including information in a newsletter; organising the creation of weblinks on any websites you have connections with; writing letters for publication in newspapers; sending out press releases; contacting celebrities asking them for written endorsements for addition to the celebrity website page and the list goes on…….  Full instructions for a number of different weblinks are available in the ‘Resources’ section of the website, where you will also find the World Animal Day Logo in various formats and other useful resources that can be freely downloaded to help ensure your event is a great success.

For more information about World Animal Day, please visit the World Animal Day website.  So, if we haven’t already heard from you, we greatly look forward to adding your event to the 2010 Online Events Diary!

Be part of something special – get involved and show the animals you care. 

Kind regards
Caroline Barker, Project Manager