Pakistan / Uk: Tragic News – 20 Rescued Bears Die in (Pakistan) Massive Flooding – WSPA-funded Kund Park Sanctuary – Only 3 Bears Survive and are Rescued.


I am writing to you with distressing news from the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).

Sadly, the recent floods in Pakistan have severely affected the WSPA-funded Kund Park sanctuary and resulted in the tragic death of 20 of the 23 bears living there. 

Initially it was feared that all of the 23 bears at Kund Park had died but against all odds, three bears – Babu, Maylu and Sohrab – were found alive in the floodwaters. The search and subsequent rescue of these bears was carried out by WSPA member society, the Bioresource Research Centre (BRC). In difficult circumstances, BRC staff undertook the logistically complicated task of transporting Babu, Maylu and Sohrab to the near-complete, WSPA-funded sanctuary at Balkasar in Pakistan. 

The death of twenty much-loved bears – including Star, a bear rescued earlier this year – has devastated BRC and WSPA staff and we know will be equally upsetting for you. I hope it is of some comfort to you to know that it was the generosity of WSPA supporters that allowed the final chapter of these bears’ lives to be one of peace and tranquillity, safe from the violence and fear of bear baiting. WSPA has put together a slideshow to commemorate the tragedy at the Kund Park sanctuary and to mark the miraculous rescue of Babu, Maylu and Sohrab. 

The damage to the Kund Park sanctuary is so severe that is seems unlikely that it can be rebuilt in the near future, perhaps at all. It is now more urgent than ever that building work on the Balkasar sanctuary is completed and the team at BRC are working flat out to achieve this. The new sanctuary will have the capacity to provide a permanent, peaceful home for Babu, Maylu and Sohrab and also for the remaining 70 or so bears still being used to fight in bear baiting arenas.

Thank you for caring for animals and supporting WSPA.

Suzi Morris
Director, WSPA UK

PS WSPA is currently assessing the situation in Pakistan to understand the needs of other animal victims of the floods and if we might be able to assist. We will keep you informed should we undertake disaster relief work and need to launch an emergency appeal to raise funds.

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