Serbia: 26/08/10- Now Slavica Told She is No Longer President of Friend – EPAR Shelter – and Who Invented This Policy ?





EPAR Shelter and Slavica – Update: 26/08/10.

Today Slavica has been sent documentation in the post informing her that a decision has been made that she is not the President of Friend – EPAR, a registered  NGO for the protection nature, animal rights and human rights.

It appears that a group of some six women who have never been members of Friend – EPAR, have now attempted to appoint a new president – one Mrs. Branka Bojanin.

In order to be a member of Friend – EPAR, a person has to prove and show every year that they have been working in defence of animals.  None of these six women have been able to provide any proof of helping animals, therefore they are not current members of Friend – EPAR, nor have they ever been.

If any of these six people wanted to form an organisation which would and could help animals, then they could do it; they could form their own organisation.  It is a requirement that to establish an organisation such as this, they only need three signatures of members.

It would appear that there is an attempt to remove Slavica from this position at Friend – EPAR because she is an ‘unwanted person’ by the authorities at Subotica.  The reason for this is that Slavica is always asking the authorities why they are not complying with regulations for Serbian animal welfare, why there are so many unlawful killings of animals in the city, and many other issues relating to animal welfare in Subotica; and quite simply, the authorities do not like being brought to task in such a way and are making a pitiful attempt to remove the person who they consider to be a ‘problem’ to them.

The main reason is that money from the city which should be going to the welfare of stray animals appears to be being robbed from this cause.  Slavica has asked where the money has gone and has filed many Criminal Charges against the city authorities.  As a result, now the authorities of Subotica are trying to remove her from her influential and knowledgeable position for animal welfare legislation as the president of Friend – EPAR.

As Slavica says, “the authorities don’t like me; I know, because I do not like their unlawful actions towards animals”.

Slavica has never received any help for the care of the 1,000 dogs which she has taken in from the streets as strays at EPAR shelter.  Despite the Subotica authorities attempting to make out that Slavica is the ‘owner’ of all these stray animals, for which she would then considered as responsible for the welfare and feeding and veterinary treatments of all the dogs, Slavica is NOT the owner; these are dogs from the streets which have no owner.  Slavica is simply an animal welfare campaigner who runs a shelter called EPAR to take in and protect dogs from the street.  As she is not the ‘owner’ of the stray dogs, then the city authorities should provide Slavica with funds each year from the city budget to help the animals at EPAR shelter.

But they do not and never have helped Slavica.  She funds EPAR shelter through her own work and efforts.  And so, by attempting to classify Slavica as the ‘owner’ of the dogs in her care, the authorities do not have to give money from the city budget to Slavica.

But where does the money for stray animals in Subotica actually go ? – not to the welfare of animals for sure !

And so now, why has their been an attempt to remove Slavica from her position as the President of Friend – EPAR shelter ?

Has this been done by the authorities as some attempt to remove Slavica as the person who questions all the authorities about their actions against existing Serbian animal welfare legislation; and by saying this are the authorities now attempting to overrule conrol of Friend – EPAR so that others can take charge; others who would work with the city authorities, call in the shinters and remove and kill all of the stray, unowned dogs who live at EPAR shelter ?

What is being done here is so very typical of the approach by Serbian authorities when it comes to animal welfare.  There is none in their book apart from the killing of all animals.  Subotica city authorities are a backward, non-progressive authority who have never made any attempt to introduce a no kill sterilisation, vaccination, microchipping and identifacation policy for the strays of the city.  They are that backward that they think by killing and killing forever, they are going to reduce stray animal numbers.  This approach has been shown NEVER TO WORK anywhere in the world.  Yet when the authorities are questioned by someone such as Slavica about stray animal welfare, legislation and financial funding from the city budget; their simple answer is to attempt to remove her from her position as president of Friend – EPAR shelter.

And this is supposed to be a nation (and authorities) which wants to progress into a modern day EU.  We can assure the Subotica city authorites, if the day ever does arrive when Serbia is in the EU, animal welfare campaigners throughout the EU will use the leagal might of the EU to ask the same questions that Slavica has asked and is now being targeted for.

SAV will continue to support Slavica, the president of Friend – EPAR shelter; and we will attempt to report every happening by the Serbian authorities to put down animal welfare in Serbia at the cost of massive continued killing of innocent stray animals.

Who knows, maybe there will now be some attempt made by the Serbian authorities to silence the information being put out by SAV relating to the Serb approach to stray animal welfare – ie. Kill, kill, kill.  .  Nothing would surprise us; but for the time being, we will continue to broadcast information from here in the United Kingdom in support of our animal welfare activist friends in Serbia.

We trust you support our actions and would love to hear your messages of support for Slavica; in order that she can, via SAV, show the authorities of Subotica that all her global friends are fully aware of their attempts to remove Slavica from EPAR shelter.

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Thanks – SAV.

Residents at EPAR Shelter; Saved from death and the Subotica Authorities by Slavica.