Australia: Let your voice be heard regarding live animal exports

Be Heard This Election

Its election time, let your voice be heard regarding live animal exports.

There are a few ways you can get involved.

You can jump on the WSPA Humane Chain Election website and help put live exports on the agenda in the media.  It only takes a few minutes and a couple of clicks.  Simply click here 

You can also go to the Animals Australia website and let the major parties know that animal welfare is important to you.  It also only takes a few minutes. Simply click here. 

In regards to local WA issues, we urge you to contact both your Federal MP and candidates and let them know that animal welfare issues, specifically a phase out of live exports, is important to you. This is  especially important if you live in the marginal seats of Hasluck, Cowan, Canning, Swan and Stirling. 

To find out who your candidates are, the ABC has an excellent website at: 

If you aren’t sure which electorate you are in, go to            
For an overview of the candidates in Fremantle see below:

  • Melissa Parke, Labour – supports an end to live exports 
  • Kate Davis, Greens – supports an end to live exports 
  • Matt Taylor, Liberal – awaiting response

For an overview of the candidates in Brand see below (there is a push to move live exports to Kwinana, so this area is also important)

  • Dawn Jecks, Greens – supports an end to live exports 
  • Gary Gray, Labour – agrees with live exports
  • Donna Gordin, Liberal – agrees with live exports

If you would like some assistance, or would like further information on other candidates, please contact Jodie by replying to this email.

You Can Make A Difference

Thank you for your support!

Stop Live Exports

(formerly People Against Cruelty in Animal Transport) 

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