Uk / England: SAV Passes 40,400 Visitors Since March 2008.

Here at SAV we feel it is time for a small celebration.

The last few days have seen us pass through the 40,400 visitor number since March 2008.

This 40,000+ is without all the visitors which we have had to the site since it was created back in 2005.

Success is all down to a little work here ‘at home’ in England, and by all of you, our wonderful supporters who are literally located all over the world.

You can see the range of our visitors by looking at the little ‘Clustrmap’ – the global map on the left side of this page.  The red dots show the locations of all our visitors.  If you click on the actual map, it will take you further into the data sheet where you can get a listing of all the visitors and from which country.

We are glad to see that there are so many visitors from Serbia – lots from the government and regional authorities we hope ! – welcome Sirs.

We have now created some 906 individual posts on SAV since its  creation and we are now getting an average of around 145 visitors every day.

SAV is a very small set up, run exclusively as a non profit NGO.  We have no members, take no funds and ask no money for anything from anyone.  But we do ask if you can give your financial support to specific animal causes when it is felt necessary.

SAV was created back in 2005 as the result of an e mail to me, Mark, by Slavica who lives and campaigns in Serbia.  Slavica asked if I could help; with a letter I think it was; and things have never stopped since.  Here we are some five years later; over 70,000 visitors since its creation, and a blog which is still run on a shoestring to say the least !

SAV carries on because there is one thing that unites all of us, and that is that the animals of this world are given a voice in defence of the terrible suffering which many endure every single day – be it in fur farms, intensive food production systems, on the Canadian ice, on the streets, in the labs; on the racetrack; in fact anywhere and everywhere.

There is nothing special about any animal cause; but each cause is so very specially important in its own way; particularly for the suffering animals which it attempts to help.

Thank you for your continued visits and support.  We think and hope that through the site we had made some kind of difference for the animals of the Balkans.  The politicians know who we are now for sure !  They are the only people who can eventually make the changes to give the balkans animals a decent deal for the future; and SAV will continue to push for that fair deal as often as it can.  We will continue to expose the wrongdoings whenever we can; relying on your support and actions to help us get the message across that animal suffering is unnecessary and that the way forward for controlling stray animal numbers in the balkans is through a No Kill sterilisation, vaccination, microchipping and identification process.

We welcome your support and the comments which you feed into the system – please keep on being a voice for the animals.  We do not need to change, but the politicians do ! – the future is in their hands – they are in charge of steering the course; lets hope they go in the right direction.

I will finish with words from a man who ‘knew a thing or two about many things’ – my terminology ! – a vegetarian and a true animal welfare campaigner:

If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.
 -Albert Einstein

Regards and thanks for your support;

Mark – Founder SAV.

My best friend and very special canine advisor – my dog ‘Golda’ – bitch, 7 years.


Uk / Bosnia and Herzegovina: SAV Attempts to Help Uk Newspaper Find Sadistic, Young (Bosnian ?) Puppy Killer Captured on Video.


Today SAV have been trying to help a Uk national newspaper identify a young girl who has been shown on video throwing live young puppies into a river – and certain death.

From the information obtained by the newspaper; ‘The Sun’; it is thought that the video was taken in Bosnia and Herzegovina, although this cannot be absolutely verified.  Further attempts to check this are currently under way.

SAV have posted the video to all contacts in the Balkans with the help of Slavica.

We have also provided the newspaper with much data and many photographs about the terrible situation for stray animals in Serbia and other Balkans states, with the hope that they may do a follow up article.

First and foremost, we need to find out who this girl is; a person who seems to get a sadistic sick pleasure by throwing young animals to their deaths in a fast flowing river.

If any of you can help by distributing the video via this SAV post link then it would be very appreciated.  Any names and details can be left on the ‘Responses’ section at the end of this post.

The video can be seen by clicking on the following link and then scrolling down.

WARNING – contains animal cruelty.

Thanks SAV.