Serbia: Subotica City ‘Public Competition’ Update 18/08/10

Regarding the ‘public competition’ in Subotica City which we have covered right from the start, which gave the potential for animal welfare organisations to tender for running of the city shelters, we now have further and disturbing information.

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For 8 years, campaigners have been asking about the procedures in place which have prevented the public from tendering for such positions.  Finally, the Serbian Constitutional Court agreed that in future, the public should be invited to tender for the running of such facilities as the animal shelters.

Well, regardless of what the constitutional court says, it still appears that an unlawful and corrupt system has the upper hand.

Effectively, it has now come to light that the authorities of Subotica City only published the information regarding the public competition for the animal shelters in an official gazette.  This gazette has limited access to only certain people and does not include the public.  By only publishing in the gazette, the information relating to the public competition for the animal shelters was made anything but public. 

Every day, campaigners searched the Subotica city internet portal –  which is where the information should have been made public, but they never found anything.  It is the law that if anything in the way of a open tender goes above 2.9 million dinars then it must be published in TWO places – these being the official gazette of the republic of Serbia and also on the official city 

Conveniently, the Subotica authorities did NOT publish the competition on the official city portal; and as such the tender for ‘the public’ was never actually made available to the public.

And so now, when campaigners have asked the authorities about the public competition, they have been informed that the information was published but that nobody has been interested in tendering for the contract for the animal shelters. 

Effectively, there has been no interest because the Subotica authorities have ensured that the competition was only published in the ‘non public’ document – the official gazette !! – this is why the public, the animal welfare groups, have not tendered.  The information regarding the tender has been kept secret, by not being published on the city portal; and the authorities are now using the fact that the public have not responded as a justification for continuing to run the system as they wish it to be run.

Now, campaigners have written to both the Mayor of Subotica and to an anti-corruption organisation within Serbia in an attempt to take this issue further.

As we have said above, regardless of what the Serbian Constitutional Court says, it still appears that an unlawful and corrupt system called the Subotica City authorities have the upper hand; at the moment anyway.

More updates and news will be published when there is any further news relating to this corruption in the animal shelter system of Subotica city.

Below are copies of relevant documentation relating to the above.