Germany: Mass Slaughter of ‘Fox Week’ To Start By February – INTERNATIONAL Appeal for AW Groups to Join the German Protest and Say ‘No’ – Details Below.

Regarding our recent post, the Fox Week’ in Germany at the beginning of February:

We now have been provided with an update on the campaign by a great animal friend in Germany:


Dear Colleagues,

Lovis and Dag, the initiators of the Initiative „Schonzeit fuer Fuechse“, have asked me to keep you all updated on developments in English – as the mails going out here are only in German.

The initiative has now gained the support of 32 organisations in Germany and 13 from abroad. Several more will be added soon.

Two press releases have so far been sent out by Lovis – the latest for passing on to local media from January 20th – the subject being the myth of “(necessary) stock regulation”, which is an argument the hunters love to use when criticized for these massacres.

A letter is also being sent out to local (German) hunting societies warning them of legal action against them should they pursue the “fox weeks” – the paragraph being used against them is actually part of the German hunting law forbidding the disturbing/flushing/chasing game at times of need, like in harsh winters. The animals, it is argued, need their tight resources for survival, and every disturbance causes wasting of resources and energy that must be avoided.

Lovis says he has sent this out to several local hunting societies and the hunters react with uncertainty as to what they should do now/how they should react. Letters are passed around and to the governing hunting bodies of the resp. German counties – and it is obvious that they are worried about this full-frontal attack.

In all likelihood this will not prevent them from doing fox weeks this year again, but it definitely gives them something to ponder.

German media have taken up the issue, and many local papers print the press releases and a letter that Dag has written in defence of the demands of the initiative where hunters have come out with the own twisted version on fox hunts.

All in all it looks promising, although of course we cannot expect the hunters to relinquish what they perceive as their right without a fight. The backlash will come once they have organised themselves.

On 20th of January we expect the decision on “forced hunting” (where hunters have the right to hunt animals on private ground) from the European Court of Justice. If that comes out in favour of our cause – which we hope – then that will be another coffin nail for the hunters and also work as a boost to our campaign.

Best wishes to you all,


The original German link for this campaign on ‘Pro-Lure-Animalis’ can be viewed by accessing the following;

The current list of supporters can be found by accessing the following link:


IMPORTANT **** We ask that as many INTERNATIONAL animal welfare organizations support this campaign as possible. ****

Only organisations which have a website or blog should apply, NOT individuals; but this application is not only open to fox and wildlife organizationsANY animal welfare organisation from anywhere in the world can mail and ask to be added to the campaign supporters list.

To sign up your animal welfare organisation it is very simple.

Please send an e-mail of support to the following address and providing the name of the support organisation, the country in which the support organisation is based, and finally the link to your support organisations website:

Please crosspost to any AW organisations that you consider will support this campaign.


NEWS JUST IN – 19/01/11.

The expected ruling on so called “forced hunting“ (on private ground, against the will of the proprietor) of the European Court for Human Rights today has, sadly, come out the wrong way. We lost.   The practice is to continue indefinitely.

All the more reason to add support to the above campaign !! – SAV.