Serbia: Subotica City Authorities Are Asked – Where Are All the Animals ?, and Where Has All the Money Gone ?, If You Are Complying Within the Law ?

5th January 2011.

‘EPAR-OIPA SRBIJA’ have today sent to the authorities in Subotica city the following for their urgent attention ;

Information regarding where all the dogs and cats who have been captured by city firm JKP `Cistoca  i zelenilo` have gone;

What has happened to the millions of Dinars of public (taxpayers) money which has been supporting this;

Mrs. Usumovic and Mrs. Dulic have informed EPAR-OIPA SRBIJA in the past that the city has acted in full agreement with the lawWe know this is not true because under existing Serbian law, the killing of strays is forbidden; and yet we have proof that on 16/11/2010 there were only 201 dogs and no cats held in the city pound.

And so, what has happened to all the other dogs and cats which have been captured by city firm JKP `Cistoca  i zelenilo` ? – and what has happened to all the money if as we are informed, everything has been done in accordance with the law and animals have ot been killed ?  What has all of the money been spent on and where are all the animals ?

In addition, a letter has been sent to veterinarian Mr. Tikvicki and also to the Republic Veterinary Inspection of Subotica, again requesting that all the dogs at EPAR shelter must be provided with rabies vaccinations as required by the law, and which must be funded from the republic budget, not by the owner of the shelter, which the authorities are attempting to justify.

A request has been sent as to how many dogs and how many cats have been caught by the Subotica authorities in 2010.  This information and a copy of the requests have also been copied to all of the Serbian media.

In the following copies is a request asking the Subotica authorities how many dogs and cats have been captured in the city for the period 2004 – to the end of 2009.

The official answer from the city is that the authorities have had a meeting with the new Friend-EPAR and Mrs. Branka Bojanin; including also veterinary inspectors and workers of JKP`Cistoca and zelenilo-dogcatcher firm, but that NO official report was made and more importantly, NO official minutes of the meeting were made either.


A new name of EPAR-OIPA SRBIJA has now had to be established by Slavica (of original Friend-EPAR) because of the attempts made by Branka Bojanin to take over control of the EPAR shelter which was run by Slavica.

Remember the attempts by Branka Bojanin to try and let all the shelter dogs out onto the streets recently sothat they could then be captured, taken back to the city pound and killed ?

See the video of the events at:

Branka Bojanin is the blone woman who you can see fighting with the police in the video above.  She attempted to turn 700 dogs from EPAR shelter out onto the streets so that they could be caught and killed.  Note all the shinters and other dogcatchers waiting at the gates of EPAR shelter ready to catch the animals.

As can be seen in the video, Branka Bojanin was put into a police car and taken to the city hospital for checks on her mental state.

Slavica who owns the shelter prevented the authorites and the dogcatchers and Branka Bojanin from undertaking their wishes.  But by her underhanded means, Branka Bojanin has thrown Slavica out of the position of President of Friend-EPAR so that she, Branka Bojanin, can work directly with the Subotica authorities and try to kill as many animals as possible.

This is why Slavica has now had to form a new organisation, EPAR-OIPA SRBIJA, as she (Slavica) is being forced out of official positions at Friend-EPAR by the city authorities.

All the dogs at EPAR shelter are still safe due to Slavica’s efforts at this time to protect them.

And this is why questions have to be asked of the city authorities once again, where are all the animals if things have been undertaken within the law, and what has happened to all the money associated with this ?

Is this corruption by the Subotica city authorities and attempts to undermine animal welfare shelters to obtain access to kill alll the animals ? – this is the situation; you decide for yourself !