Romania: New Video About Stray Animals – Please Watch and Then Send A Copy to the Romanian Embassy in YOUR Own Country. Full Links Provided in Post.

John Sakars has produced a Youtube video about the situation for strays in Romania.

There are so many similarities to Serbia – in every single way that he describes !

Please have a look at the video and then send a copy of it on to the Romanian Embassy in your own country

To find global Romanian embassies please go to:


Johns video can been seen via the following:

Stray animals are suffering the world over; please act for them – send a copy of the video link above to your Romanian embassy.

Thanks – SAV.

UPDATE 23/01/11.

Rosa has supplied the following letter (see ‘Sample Letter’ below) which can be copied and sent to embassies by e mail.

You may wish to include the following in your letter also – optional.

Distinguished officials from Romania and abroad

I am appalled by the daily news about about animal cruelty and crimes against animals which are committed in Romania. I am stunned to find out that in Slobozia, and in many other cities throughout Romania, the local authorities are UNWILLING to apply the Laws for the Protection of Animals from 2008 which BOTH prohibit the euthanasia of healthy animals and the International treaties and conventions which entered in force in your country after 2004….which also ban the killing of healthy animals…

Please read the following in Romanian :

“1. Conform art.7¹ din Legea 205/2004 privind protectia animalelor, cu modificarile si completarile ulterioare : „Este interzisă eutanasierea câinilor, a pisicilor şi a altor animale, cu excepţia animalelor cu boli incurabile, constatate de medicul veterinar”

Deci, nu se eutanasiază decat animalele cu boli incurabile, nu cele sanătoase, şi numai pe baza unor diagnostice precise (proba bolilor incurabile) şi incontestabile.

2. Conform :

Anexa 1

din OUG 155/2001 privind programul de gestionare a câinilor fără stăpân, cu modificările şi completările ulterioare, sunt prevăzute

a) „CONDIŢII MINIME pentru funcţionarea unui adăpost pentru câini”

b) „Spaţiile pentru adăpostire şi pentru intervenţii medicale”

c) „Controlul bolilor”

d) „Hrănirea câinilor şi curăţenia adăposturilor”

e) „Vehiculele”

Anexa 2 sunt prevăzute „NORME privind capturarea şi transportul câinilor”


1. Se recomanda pentru a fi eutanasiati cainii care nu au fost revendicati sau care nu au putut fi adoptati.

(acest punct este inoperabil prin aparitia prevederileo art.7¹ din legea 205/2004 (modificata prin Legea 9/2008)

Eutanasia se recomanda, de asemenea, in cazul cainilor care prezinta boli cronice incurabile.

2. Eutanasierea cainilor se efectueaza de catre un medic veterinar.

3. Eutanasierea cainilor se realizeaza numai prin utilizarea barbituricelor, injectate intravenos numai dupa pierderea cunostintei cainelui indusa prin anestezie. Cainii vor fi asistati pana la constatarea decesului.. Barbituricele nu trebuie sa fie injectate pe cale intramusculara sau subcutanata. Pentru cainii nou-nascuti calea de administrare care se utilizeaza este cea peritoneala. Produsele narcotice pot fi administrate si pe cale orala.

4. Medicul veterinar este singura persoana care poate avea acces la barbiturice si care poate decide in privinta utilizarii medicamentelor periculoase


Sir / Madam,

It is in the best interest of your country to STOP THE KILLING OF STRAYS IN THE SHELTER of the city of SLOBOZIA IMMEDIATELY….please ask ANSVSA for advice…

The international public opinion is outraged and I will inform all international authorities, family and friends about the daily massacres of animals (mostly strays) and the cruelty against animals which most of the time is not even investigated by the police, let alone punished by a judge…Romania has become known as the Hell of the EU for the animals….and I will refrain from visiting and I will ask all my acquaintances to do the same.

Please take all the necessary measures to stop the killings and to SEVERELY PUNISH ALL THOSE WHO HAVE BROKEN THE LAW…regardless of their social status.

Thank you



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PS. This letter has been sent to the Romanian Parliament, European Commission for Animal Welfare, many Romanian Embassies and International animal welfare organizations, so, the entire world will know …..