EU: Eurogroup for Animals Calls for Better Animal Transport.

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Welfare group calls for better animal transport

 – Published:  18 January, 2011

A leading animal welfare group has called on the European Commission to enforce current legislation in the transport of animals.

The Eurogroup for Animals was commenting following the release of a new scientific report that suggested new techniques to alleviate animal suffering.

The European Food Safety  Authority (EFSA) has recommended that semen and embryos are transported rather than the animals, as well as calling for more carcase transport and for more animals to be slaughtered nearer production.

The EFSA published its recommendations in its Scientific Opinion – and it comes ahead of a report by the Commission into existing transport rules later this year.

Sonja Van Tichelen, director of Eurogroup for Animals, which represents animal welfare groups from all 25 member states, said: ““This opinion offers a number of improvements, including developing strategies to reduce the volume of animals transported and for reducing journey times, as well as the importance of correct vehicle temperature during transit, correct preparation of animals for transport, and monitoring and allowing sufficient space for each animal.

“With all the available science and with the evidence that the existing law is not strict enough to protect the welfare of animals, it is now time for the Commission to recognise these recommendations and to take action.”

Van Tichelen said she thought the Commission had not been strict enough in enforcing the current legislation, which requires member states to “carry out non-discriminatory
inspections of animals, means of transport and accompanying documents.”

She added: “The indifference to animal suffering during transport and the unwillingness to take responsibility by both Member States and the European Commission is unacceptable, and we call on the Commission to review the animal transportation regulation and to come forward with a clear action plan to improve enforcement.”

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