Russia: Unpunished Shocking Animal Murders – Petition Calling for Legislation for Animals – Please Sign.

 Unpunished Shocking Animal Murders In Russia 

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Russia has no federal law regarding animal protection — leaving some animals subject to abuse and torture.
Recently, video clips of a dog being abused by members of the Russian Army surfaced on the internet. Although complaints have been filed, justice has yet to be served due to a lack of legislation restricting these actions. Concerned citizens however, have been inspired to take a stand.

Here is what they have to say about the situation.

I encourage you to join me in telling Prime Minister Putin to pursue an adoption of Federal law regarding animal protection in Russia. Without a working federal law of animal protection, the civilized and culturally developed Russia can be considered one of the most backward countries when it comes to animal welfare.
Help now to protect our animals of this horrible “nobody cares” reality! Please sign this petition to send a strong message to Prime Minister Putin.


Petition Wording


 Unpunished Shocking Animal Murders In Russia


Target: Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

Sponsored by: Citizens of Russian Federation

This petition has been created to end unpunished cruelty and propaganda of sadism towards animals in Russia. Our country still hasn’t got federal law of animal protection. Any content that includes brutal killings of animals is free to publish on the Internet. People, who spread provocative content, propose to unite and commit such things in their cities.


Lately some videos shot with mobile phone appeared on one of our social network sites. The incident shown on this video took place in the Russian army. Soldiers under the guidance of a warrant officer are killing dogs with unbelievable cruelty, jabbing a knife into dog’s ear or cutting a dog’s head with a shovel.


Materials on this case have been sent to Military Office of Public Prosecutor but we have no way to bring these people to justice, because the propaganda of cruelty to animals has yet to be banned in Russia.


Please urge the Russian Prime Minister to assert influence on establishing of juristic base for solving this problem and speed up an adoption of Federal law about animal protection. 






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