Uk (London): Best Wishes and Positive Campaigning in 2011.


The firework display to celebrate the New Year which was held in London last night had me spellbound; it was just the most incredible display ever.

The closing of one year and the beginning of another is always a time for reflection. Today, New Year’s Day, I have to look back on what we have undertaken over the last 12 months. With my 22 years campaigning experience in live farm animal transport investigations, I know very well that the best and hardest campaigns are not won in just a matter of weeks or months.

A campaign is basically a series of concerted operations geared towards a single general objective. Our work, and I speak on behalf of all of us, has the objective of eliminating animal suffering around the world. By what it is, this means that we are undertaking one massive campaign which will continue probably for many decades in the future. But in the end, good always triumphs over evil, and I am very confident that the future will see many more people joining with us in defence of animals and exposing their suffering.

And so 2011 commences with yet another year of witnessing animal cruelty, whilst at the same time doing everything we can to expose and publicise these events to the world. I look forward to being a voice for animals within the Balkans during the next 12 months, and I trust that as before, I can rely on your friendship and support whenever it is needed to put pressure on governments and authorities who appear to feel that inflicting animal suffering should be the ‘norm’.  I aim to prove them wrong by whatever peaceful and legal means of expose are at our disposal.

I wish you all a very happy 2011 and give you my full support in whatever animal protection campaigns you undertake, wherever in the world you and they are.
I especially wish to offer my thanks and continuing support to Slavica in Subotica, Serbia. Slavica works tirelessly for better legislation, the enforcement of existing legislation, and the care and protection of many hundreds of ex-stray animals at her shelter. I wish her the very best of health in the coming year. The friendship which exists between Slavica and myself and our combined dedication to fight for improved welfare for animals will, I am certain, ensure that the coming years do witness improvements for the stray animals of Serbia. There is no quick solution and I’m the first to admit that; but we are in for a long campaign haul if necessary to do what we feel is correct and right for animals.

To finish, I would like to show you the video of the fabulous firework display held in my capital city of London, England, yesterday, New Year’s Eve. For anyone who is not familiar with London, the large circular wheel which you can see illuminated in the display is known as the ‘London Eye’ – the eye is equipped with large transparent visitor modules which rotate to provide excellent views for visitors right across London. The following link provides more information and photographs: 

So please join with me in watching the spellbinding firework display from London which was held on New Year’s Eve – 31st December 2010.  Please click on the following link:


May 2011 bring you success in each and every one of your animal welfare campaigns.

Best regards and positive, fruitful campaigning throughout 2011,

For the animals !


– Founder SAV.