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Target: Violeta Dobreva, Care & Shelter for Everyone and the Honorable Judge of the Civil Court of Dobrich, Bulgaria

Sponsored by:The Official Facebook Group, Justice for Mima

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It was recently announced that Violeta Dobreva (who fostered Mima for only 2 weeks) has been given the green light by a court in Bulgaria to hear her suit against the German-Bulgarian Street Animal Emergency Help NGO for custody of Mima, and have her be returned to Bulgaria after Mima has been living in Germany with her new family for the past 9 months.We have closely followed Mima’s case from the beginning, since March, 2010 when Mima was found tortured in a village in Bulgaria. All of Mima’s 4 legs were brutally chopped off over an old conflict between neighbors. Hers is one of the most heinous acts of cruelty we have come across. It brought thousands of us together to help Mima and bring change in a country where animal cruelty is still not a crime. After all she has been through, she deserves all the love and happiness life has to offer and in our opinion that is with her family in Germany where she has flourished these past 9 months.

We, animal advocates and the officers and members of the Facebook group, “Justice for Mima” with over 35,000 members from around the world including Bulgaria ask for Mima to be left alone. 

Despite her physical and psychological handicap, Mima has been living happily in a private mansion in Germany with her new brothers and sisters (6 handicap dogs and cats from Bulgaria). She has learned to trust humans again with the love and dedication of her adoptive parent, Mrs. Eva Linkogel, a lifelong animal activist and rescuer who has been caring for Mima 24/7. She has also developed a special bond with her best friend Daria, a disabled dog who is always by Mima’s side. For the first time in her life, Mima has learned to be loved and be part of a family. She cannot be placed in a more perfect home. To take this all away would be so cruel and truly devastating for Mima!

We believe Violeta Dobreva’s letter of April 21, 2010 to be forthright when she first relinquished Mima early in the case. Mrs. Dobreva should be a person of honor and keep her word instead of pursuing this fight for custody. Real love means selflessness– set Mima free and let her be happy.

We as a group have never officially taken a side on the custody battle until the news of the court case. Even after Mrs. Dobreva deceived us out of our $8,000USD group ChipIn donation meant for Mima, we still kept the custody separate so as not to hurt the cause. (Incidentally, we still demand that our $8,000USD group donation, be transferred to our 2 chosen NGOs to help the animals in Bulgaria as outlined by Nadia Donato in her many messages. Mrs. Dobreva has no right to keep our donations meant for Mima since she stopped paying for Mima’s bills since August 2010). In light of the recent news about the court hearing, we can no longer remain neutral on this issue. We cannot sit idly by and let another tragedy happen to Mima without a fight. This is not about Bulgaria vs. Germany, nor is it about the fight for animal rights. We strongly believe this is a fight for one’s own personal agenda. Our allegiance is to Mima, not to any country or person involved in this dispute. Mima has touched our hearts; her life means so much to so many of us.

We urge Mrs. Dobreva to drop the lawsuit, end this fight once and for all, and be happy for Mima that she has found the best loving home. 

If Mrs. Dobreva still chooses to pursue custody, we are hopeful that the honorable judge will be fair and wise in his ruling and that the outcome will be on Mima’s best interest.


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