Serbia: Farm Animal Update 12 and 13/1/11. Throw Straw in the Liquid Excrement and Let Them Get On With It – Nothing Really Changes at the Serbian Republic Veterinary Ministry.

*** Update 13/01/11. ***

We now have the e mail contact addresses of the Republic Veterinary Department at the Ministry of Agriculture, Belgrade, should anyone wish to contact them about the following.

We would suggest that the ‘Subject’ line of the e mail be left blank, but please ensure that your e mail does refer to conditions at the farm of Jovo Raickovic in the village of Rusko selo.  Images of the conditions at the farm can be copied from our post and attached to the e mail if required.

Please e mail all of the following.,,,


Regarding our previous posts relating to the terrible conditions that animals are being kept in at a farm in the village of Rusko selo:

We now have updated photographs from the 8th January 2011.

A criminal charge has already been taken out by campaigners against the owner, Jovo Raickovic, but the republic veterinary inspectors have informed campaigners that they are unable to do anything !

Jovo Raickovic and the veterinary inspectors appear to think that by dumping a load of straw into the liquified excrement (see past pictures in the above links), the problem is solved.  Far from it !

the animals are obviously still suffering as can be seen in the conditions viewed in the new photographs.

It would appear that nobody in the Serbian republic veterinary inspection really wants to do anything about this, and that means Rep vet inspector Mr Tasic Dragan  and his supervisor / manager, Mrs Laketa Ksenija.

Conditions such as this probably exist on many other farms right across Serbia.  Completely ignored by the Serbian Republic so-called ‘Veterinary Inspectors’ !

These photographs and this (SAV) link, again with the previous links, will be forwarded to both the EU and to major global tv networks.  The veterinary inspectors are not doing the job which they are paid to do – and that is to ensure animal welfare regulations are being enforced.

On this farm the cows are still in the same location as you can see; the only difference from before is that they have now had straw thrown into the liquid excrement.  If the republic veterinary inspectors consider that this is the solution to the problem, then we have to disagree with them.

They are incompetent and they do not care a damn about animal welfare, despite the job titles that they may have.

We will be obtaining e mal contact details for Dragan and Ksenija in the very near future so that you can write and mail them directly to express your disgust at their total inaction.

Contact details if you wish to e mail the republic ministry of Agriculture about this are provided at the start of this post.

Further Photographs:

Please check out the two links given above for many photographs of the even worse conditions BEFORE the straw was thrown down.