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Romania land of death for animals

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Flavius Barbulescu – the MONSTER and HIS GANG – Brasov, Romania – please send the letter

by Romania – The land of Death for animals (Notes) on Monday, May 6, 2013 at 6:05pm

Romania land of death for animals

Flavius Barbulescu is the most notorious DOG KILLER Romanian has ever produced.
He lives in BRASOV – Brasov County Romania and….takes pride in having killed tens of thousands of dogs with the BLESSING, the APPROVAL and the PROTECTION of Romanian officials 
Flavius Barbulescu has made a living from KILLING STRAY DOGS….with his team of dog killers ( or dog catchers….in Romania is it almost the same thing….)

Romania 4

Many notes and articles have been written about him on the internet….YET he LIVES HAPPILY  and much more than COMFORTABLY , from KILLING DOGS, protected by the Mayor of Brasov, by the Police of Brasov and even by the COURTS in Brasov, because  Barbulescu Flavius has 8 legal complains filed against him and tens of other reports, at the DSVSA, ANSVSA and Police….YET NOBODY TOUCHES HIM and his ” men”

There is a very detailed article about him on this site – and be prepared to read HORRORS – condoned by the authorities in Brasov county….and a HUGE THANK YOU to this great site which is a very LOUD VOICE for animals in South Eastern Europe…

More reading about the DOG EXTERMINATOR and his BUDDIES in these links….
THIS HORROR GOES ON AND ON AND ON FOR YEARS…because THIS EVIL is protected by people in high places….because THE POLICE SIDES with the MONSTERS, because the prosecutors and the justice SIDES with the MONSTERS…because THEY, the elected officials on that county, as well as many other counties in Romania DECIDED TO KILL…..KILL…..KILL……dogs FOR EVER….so these EVIL people, and PROTAN, make BIG MONEY, 

Romania 5

The laws in force are broken by the very people who are supposed to make sure that they are applied, that CRIMINALS ARE PUNISHED, that NOBODY is above the law….

This is WHY people MUST take Romania OUT of any list for tourist destinations….THEY SLAUGHTER ANIMALS , illegally, they protect the criminals, they collaborate with CRIMINALS….
Take a look and SEE the “people” who work ( kill ) for FLAVIUS BARBULESCU and who protect him….

Well…well….guess what….he is The President of the newly created “direction=agency” DMPA which is formed by 9 towns surrounding the city of Brasov. DMPA would mean in English the ” Association for the Monitoring and PROTECTION of ANIMALS….wow…These town halls ( Codlea, Sacele, Rasnov, Predeal,Sanpetru, Halchiu, Harman, GHimbav, Cristian and Bran ) receive from the Government a certain amount of money, every year, to manage the stray dogs population in their towns …Actually, around 50,000 Euro per town…and what do they do ? they contracted the services of SGPA Brasov ( The Service for the Management of Animals ) to catch and take to shelters in Brasov – STUPINI and RASNOV – the dogs….GUESS WHO is the boss of SGPA ????????? Yes, the same FLAVIUS BARBULESCU….So…money from the budget goes to the company led by Barbulescu, who kills 99,99 of all dogs they pick up from the streets in Brasov and those other 9 towns….

TO :,, ,,,,,,,,,,

CC :,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,


Please add the email of the Romanian Embassy in your country, from this link

SUBJECT :  Romania STOP the MASSACRES of STRAY DOGS committed by FLAVIUS BARBULESCU from Brasov .
 Romania opreste masacrele cainilor fara stapan comise de FLAVIUS BARBULESCU din Brasov.

Romania land of death for animals

** SAMPLE LETTER to copy and send **

Use the above e mail addresses to send your letter.

Distinguished Romanian Officials,
Distinguished members of the Romanian Media

We, citizens of the world are HORRIFIED by the MASSACRES of stray dogs committed by FLAVIUS BARBULESCU from Brascov, Romania, and his team of dog catchers, veterinarian and all his employees, under the protection of Brasov County official, the Police included.
Noi, cetatenii din lumea intreaga suntem oripilati de MASACRELE cainilor fara stapan comise de FLAVIUS BARBULESCU din Brasov , impreuna cu angajatii sai, sub protectia autoritatilor din Judetul Brasov, care includ si Politia.

Based on the information included in the following links
Pe baza informatiilor de mai jos

( in the link above there are a lot of information about the BLOODY activity of Flavius Barbulescu’s dog catchers, and a lot of videos
In link-ul de mai sus sunt foarte multe informatii referitoare la activitatea sangeroasa a hingherilor lui Flavius Barbulescu, si foarte multe video-uri )–organized-crime–stray-dog-business.html

we ask that you open a very detailed investigation into the activity ( and the finances ) of
va cerem de deschideti o ancheta minutioasa in activitatea si finantele

DMPA Brasov – Directia pentru Monitorizarea si Protectia Animalelor
-Flavius Dumitru Barbulescu – Brasov
-SGPA Brasov
-Adapostul de caini de la Stupini
-Adapostul de caini de la Rasnov

We ask that Flavius Barbulescu and his accomplices ( in all his activities , including the Mayors and Deputy Mayors from Brasov, Codlea, Sacele, Rasnov, Predeal, Sanpetru, Halchiu, Harman, GHimbav, Cristian and Bran ) be brought to justice and punished for their horrible actions.
Cerem ca Flavius Barbulescu si complicii lui ( in toate actiunile sale, inclusiv primarii si vice-primarii din Brasov, Codlea, Sacele, Rasnov, Predeal, Sanpetru, Halchiu, Harman, Ghimbav, Cristian si Bran ) se fie deferiti justitiei si sa fie pedepsiti pentru actiunile lor.

We are shocked by this barbarism and we will think twice before deciding to visit Romania.
Suntem socati de acest barbarism si  ne von gandi de doua ori, inainte de a hotara sa vizitam Romania.

Any more massacres will not be tolerated. It has to stop. Now.
Continuarea masacrelor nu va mai fi tolerata. Ele trebuie sa se termine. Acum

Multumesc pentru atentie

( your name and country )

Romania land of death for animals

rom terror 1

rom terror 2



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