Australia: ‘Animals Australia’ Investigation Reveals Battery Hens ‘Living’ Amongst Towers of Rotting Faeces, Surviving On Scraps, Beetles and Eggs.


What you are about to see has never before been revealed to the public…

If heaven for a bird is sunshine, fresh air, and freedom, then this must be hell.

AA hen in excrement

Her job was to lay eggs for Australia’s biggest egg producer — a company that boasts that its hens are “treated with the greatest of care”. But these unbelievable images captured inside a cage egg farm in rural NSW tell a different story.

This mega factory farm is not only ‘home’ to thousands of hens trapped in cages. But hidden deep in the trenches below them, investigators discovered a prison of a very different kind… Here, dozens of abandoned hens were found ‘living’ among enormous towers of rotting faeces — surviving on scraps, beetles and eggs.

This isn’t the first time we’ve needed to report Australia’s biggest egg producer for neglect and cruelty.

Please take action today to help ensure it is the last.

These birds had been abandoned and forgotten — in a system so cruel — on a factory farm so massive — that the value of individual life is lost and thus the suffering of the individual, overlooked.

It’s shocking to contemplate that these hens stuck in the manure pits were in fact the ‘luckier’ ones. Their caged sisters cannot in any way move freely. They cannot forage. They cannot stretch their wings. They must eat, sleep, defecate and lay their eggs in the same small space — day, after day after day… You’ll no doubt share our dismay that the company profiting from this cruelty carries the ‘stamp of approval’ from the egg industry’s peak body.

According to their website, the ‘Egg Corp Assured’ logo is a sign that eggs are ‘produced under strict guidelines’. Yet just over a year ago the owners of this cage egg facility were fined for multiple violations including illegal overcrowding. Now they are under investigation again. Regardless of whether authorities can compel this cage egg producer to adhere to the law, the suffering of caged hens will continue.

That’s because in Australia battery cages are still legal — despite being banned in many other countries on cruelty grounds. Laws that allow this callous ‘farming’ method to continue were due for review four years ago. But we are still waiting… You and I can vote with our shopping trolley and refuse to buy products of cruelty.

But hens need more than that — they need our voice. Please lend them yours today by demanding a ban on the battery cage in Australia.

Thank you so much for caring, and for giving a few minutes of your time to send an instant message on behalf of hens today.

For the animals,

Lyn White AM Campaign Director

P.S. This hen’s incredible story should never have come to light. It should never have been filmed. It should never have happened. The cruel system that she was born into is now banned in so many countries.

Please send an instant message now to help ban the battery cage in Australia too!




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